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Nguyen Thi Thuy Lien (Natalie) from Vietnam first joined Kings to prepare her GCSEs on the Accelerated study plan (one year) and then progressed to our two-year A-levels, studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Biology. She is now starting a degree in Natural Sciences at UCL.

We asked her how Kings helped her achieve her goals:

"First of all, it’s the attentiveness of the teachers and staff towards many aspects of the student experience, as well as their academic journey.

"The teachers are very, very attentive towards how their students are doing."

"They would make sure that their students understand the knowledge during class, and they would be willing to answer any questions that the students have. They would make sure that there are no knowledge gaps.

"Also, the staff are responsible for the students’ extra-curricular activities, well-being and university applications.

"I think those things are among the many things that help students achieve their goals and enjoy their time studying."

Read the full interview with Natalie

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