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Mehmet completed the Advanced Level Foundation before taking up a place to study Business Management at Royal Holloway, University of London.

"We have a lot of one-on-one time with the teachers because we have small classes and it’s easier to learn that way actually. All of the teachers are really helpful, I’m really grateful for that. Outside of class time they help with assignments and other stuff — university applications and all of that.

They are all so friendly. It’s not like we have a student-teacher relationship. Even if they are teaching most of the students call them by their first name, we don’t even have to call them Sir or Madam. It’s really friendly and they are all so helpful.

In Kings Enterprise we gathered each week, actually once every two weeks. We discussed actual business cases (case studies), or acted out business discussions in a business, or companies debating with each other, creating some contracts, all that stuff. We were doing what the business managers do, which is great. It’s actually giving you an actual experience with a moderator moderating a discussion. It’s really nice.

After I graduate, I’m planning to continue my studies with a master’s degree, maybe a PhD, I’m not sure — I might study in the UK or I might go to America, I’m still thinking about that. After that I’m thinking about working in a company for a while, but my actual aim is to open my own company with recyclable energy and biofuels because after learning about economics and management I think I can start a company with everything I am learning here and at university."

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