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After initially studying elsewhere, Megan joined Kings London in September 2020 in order to re-take her A-level course and exams. A year on, she received outstanding results of A*AA and is heading to the prestigious University of Warwick to study Economics, Psychology and Philosophy.

Hi Megan. What’s the teaching like at Kings?

The teaching is really interesting at Kings. It’s obviously quite small class sizes so it’s a lot more personal between the students and the teachers — they get to know you a lot better and in more detail.

What’s the community like at Kings?

The community has been really good at Kings. You get the big common area in the Link, so you get to see the same people every day and interact with people from different backgrounds.

What has the support network been like at the school?

"The support has been really good — I’ve had a UCAS counsellor that I see once a week. We talk through my application and my personal statement, and I get to draft that with her — that’s been really helpful. It’s really pushed me to improve my application more so than the one I submitted last year."

How would you describe Kings to other British students?

It's nothing like any British school at all. It's completely different — everything from the community to the lessons. There’s a lot you take for granted when everyone around you is also from Britain, and it makes you really appreciate the things that maybe you don’t always notice. For example, in Economics, there are events and terms that are quite specific to the British economy, which is assumed knowledge that the student will have, but when you’re coming from a different country you have to make sure you’re going through all the steps and making sure all of the students understand it in full detail because they don’t have that cultural context.

How would you say being at Kings has benefited you in terms of seeing the world in a different way?

"It has prepared me a lot more for university — there’s a lot of international students at university, and for most people the first time you come across international students is at university, whereas I think this has given me preparation and has taught me that people aren’t so different."

In general I've learnt so much more about cultures around the world, I think typically we’re quite surrounded by a western perspective, and having different perspectives has challenged some of the things that I’ve previously assumed were fact.

How else has your experience here given you a head start?

For one thing, this extra year has given me time to mature and its been a really interesting environment to mature in considering it’s so different. I think also I’m not as scared of differences, and I’m able to communicate better with people, especially overcoming lots of language barriers and concepts.

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