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Laeticia Vaygue studied the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings before winning a place to study International Relations at the University of Bath.

She talked to us about her time at the university, and how Kings helped her get there.

Hi Laeticia. Are you happy here at Bath?

Yes, it’s really good university, for my course and overall it’s ranked in the top ten I think. There are great facilities — the library is open 24/7, which is good for me as I work better at night. It’s a great campus, everything is new and modern. It’s my dream university.

Did you visit the uni during the application process?

Yes, my course directors recommended that I visit because it was my first choice. It wasn’t too far to go from London to go to the open day — I’m actually doing the open days here at Bath this year!

Do you think it was useful to come and see it first-hand?

Yes, you see pictures when it’s really sunny, but when you come here you see it for yourself which is important as it’s your future home. When I came here I knew I wanted to be here and it would be a good place for me.

So are you getting involved in wider student life?

Yes, we have a lot of societies, like Politics society and French society. There is a lot going on.

"I'd like to work in conflict resolution for the UN."

What modules are you doing at the moment?

First semester we had three compulsory and two optional modules. I’m good at languages so I took Spanish and then I also took History. This semester I have four compulsory units and one optional, so I took Spanish again as it’s always good to have another language. I’m doing British politics, international politics and economy, political ideologies and global economy. It’s a nice mix.

Do you have a specific career path in mind?

I’d like to work in conflict resolution for the UN. I don’t want to be a politician but I’d definitely like to work in the political world.

Why did you choose the Foundation, and specifically the Kings Foundation?

When I graduated from school in Belgium I didn’t want to just do a gap year, I really wanted to study something. My father found the Kings website and I decided to do the Foundation as A-level is two years and doesn’t have CSS. My level of English wasn’t brilliant and CSS has helped me a lot in terms of writing — when we handed in our first essays I knew how to do it. I also had a lot of presentations to do and it helped me knowing how to hand over to someone, how to formally speak. I did foundation because it was only one year and also because the programme is really intensive — I didn’t want a holiday, I wanted to work hard.

Was it your first experience of studying in an international environment?

Yes, in Belgium I was at a French high school. I’m living with 16 English people now though! I lived in student houses at Kings though so I’m used to living with other people.

What things, aside from your hard work, contributed to you doing so well in your Foundation?

We had a lot of IELTS lessons, which really helped. The first time I took the test I got 7.5 and when I arrived at Kings my level was quite poor — it was good enough to be at Kings, but not to go to uni really. They helped me a lot with that and a good IELTS score is always impressive when you’re applying to uni.

Also, the teachers — every time I had an issue I didn’t feel uncomfortable in sending an email or asking for help. The level of teaching is really high — if they see that for one progress test, which doesn’t even count, that you’re below the level you’re supposed to be, they will come and talk to you and help you.

Even though I’m doing Politics and IR, which has nothing to do with Maths, Data really helped with numbers. I’m not bad with numbers, but when I do Economics and we have some stats and numbers to do, I remember all that stuff.

"The level of teaching is really high — if they see that for one progress test you're below the level you're supposed to be, they will come and talk to you and help you."

Do you feel that you’re at an advantage over other international students on your course because of the foundation?

So many people have done A-level and have never had a CSS lesson, so that has helped me a lot. I wouldn’t say foundation is better than A-level but it definitely gives the same information, even better sometimes. It’s made for international students.

What modules did you do on the Foundation?

I did Human Geography, Business and Politics.

Have they been useful for your degree?

Yes, I didn’t know anything about British Politics and a lot of international students here don’t — even though the lecturers here know they have to go a bit more slowly and explain a bit more, for me when they’re talking about MPs, House of Commons etc. I already know how it works. Definitely Politics helped me a lot.

How did Kings help you with the application process?

Mark, my counsellor, was really helpful. At the beginning they ask what you wanted to study and where. After looking at the rankings and opinions, Bath seemed more international and even though Belgium is not that far away I’m not English, so I preferred to be somewhere more international.

Kings really helped at all stages of the application — from the personal statement to what to choose. I got an offer from another university, but Mark told me that the ranking wasn’t really high enough and that I could aim higher. They’re also really responsible though and are realistic about your choices — if a university will only accept A-levels they are honest with you that there is no point in applying.

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