Kristina Urosova completed the Advanced Level Foundation before going on to study Computer Science with Management at King's College London (#35).

"King's College London is one of best universities in the world. I never knew that I would be able to achieve so much before I came to Kings, so thank you Kings! All my lecturers are scientists, and they do research. Some of them have founded laws and theories, and it’s strange when I realise that these people are teaching me!

Kings is great in terms of supporting university applications. Your university advisor will look at your application with you and help you establish your best points, to include what the universities will find interesting about you. They understand what the universities want from you, and also what universities will be best for you.

If I’d gone to university without having done my Kings course, I wouldn’t have been so successful. Kings gives you not only the experience of studying, it's much broader than that."

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