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Haoyang Wei (Henry) studied the Advanced Level Foundation and is now at the University of Reading (#40) studying Finance and Investment Banking.

He shared his thoughts on how Kings most helped him, and why he chose this university.

"The reason I chose Finance and Investment Banking at the University of Reading is that this major is quite popular and is quite famous in the UK, maybe a top 5 undergraduate major in the UK. The second thing is because the University of Reading campus is famous in the UK as well. That’s why I chose it.

Kings helped me a lot because the foundation course has some modules with presentation things, assignments and statistics. Those three are very important for me, they are especially helpful and useful in my undergraduate year.

Besides the study, the teachers at Kings taught me a lot about UK culture, and also about UK cuisine! And some UK philosophy, architecture — what I mean is, Kings taught me a lot of things about the UK.

Before coming here, I had no confidence and I didn’t speak English very well. Studying in the UK improved my confidence a lot and taught me how to be brave, how to be friendly to everyone and taught me how to be an independent person. It also taught me critical thinking. I think critical thinking is one of the best things to learn in life and the UK taught me this."

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