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Guillaume Duchene studied the International Business Foundation and is now at the University of Essex studying for a degree in International Business.

"I’m studying International Business, so it includes accounting, finance, management and all the things related to business. At Kings Bournemouth I was studying International Business — at that time I wasn’t good at English, so it really improved my level and my motivation as well to study in England.

Universities in England are some of the most prestigious universities in the world, they have good facilities, good teaching skills, the diploma that you will get at the end of uni are very useful for the future career.

My plans for the future will be to create my own business.

I would definitely recommend Kings to other students because it was actually my favourite year of all my life. It’s the year when I met fantastic people, fantastic teachers as well, from all around the world, helping me a lot to achieve my English level and to make me go to university.

I really want to add that teachers [at Kings] are very friendly, they provide happiness and motivation to succeed in the world.

Just come here, it’s the best place you can be! You will meet fantastic people from all around the world, and it’s a very nice place."

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