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Georgette Sebastiao took up a place to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham after doing the Advanced Level Foundation.

We spoke to her to get her thoughts on some of the best aspects of the course, and the school.

How important was your time at Kings for your university preparation?

Extremely important in terms of academic knowledge and also getting to know the education system here in the UK. If I’d have gone straight to university I would definitely have had more problems. [The CSS module] is not just English, it’s English for university, plus how to write academic essays and how to do presentations. I didn’t know that it was so important, but now I realise. I think this course is really great preparation for university.

What support did you receive at Kings?

The teachers are always there for us and we have support lessons — I had some difficulties with Maths and my teacher is amazing. I told her I want to get an A and she said, ‘OK, we’ll work towards that A!’. Being in such small classes means that we have much more individual attention and the teachers can really focus on us. It’s very different to in my country.

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