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Filomena Jose studied the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings and progressed to the University of Exeter to study Mining Engineering.

"The Foundation was very intensive — it was one of the hardest and the best parts of my stay in the UK. You just want to do well and to get what you’re aiming for, and when you get it, it’s great feeling.

What I enjoy the most about my course is the fact that we are really preparing for our future careers, we get to visit different places and get the opportunity to see the course not only in theory, in lectures but in the practical side as well. I have already done Mining and Minerals Engineering, Surveying and AutoCAD, Maths and Geology. I am currently doing Maths, Electrical and Electronic Principles, Thermodynamic and Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Mechanics.

I would advise others students to go ahead if they consider doing it, because it is a great course and there is great opportunity in the job market once you have graduated."

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