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Diego Reineck studied the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings and is now at Lancaster University studying Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Hi Diego. Why did you choose this university, and this course?

I chose this university because it has a very good science department, and a very good department for what I want to study, which is environmental sciences. I think it’s a very good subject because it has so many diversities, about physics, about maths, but it’s also about social sciences, hydrology, so many different aspects.

What did you study at Kings?

At Kings I did the one year foundation, so basically I studied Chemistry, Politics and Economics.

How did Kings help you get here, to university?

I think they helped me in being concise with my work, and basically just doing self-study, which is very important here at UK university especially, where you have a lot of free time and you need to be able to manage your time for studying.

"Kings helped me in being concise with my work, and basically just doing self-study, which is very important here at UK university."

Did they help you to apply?

Yes they were very helpful in helping me to apply to UK universities because it’s a completely different system from my country, so my Director of Studies helped me to write my letter, she checked my grades and she helped me to get in contact with people from this university.

How did going to Kings help you to adjust to university life?

First of all the English language. My level wasn’t that good and I improved a lot at Kings. They help you with what is called Communication and Study Skills and also Data Handling, which is very important for what I’m studying. They help you to improve your skills.

What is it like studying at a British university?

It’s very special because it’s with English people, so it’s different from my country, but also it’s a different culture so you learn about the culture, the people. Also my university is also very diverse so you meet so many different people, it’s very fun.

What is the best part of studying here?

I think it’s the freedom – you choose when you want to study, how you want to study and how you manage your time. You can have a lot of fun but you can also struggle, so it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your life basically!

What are the facilities like here?

The facilities are really good — here I can go on my phone and can search if there is any room free for studying, in the library, or in different places. You can ask anybody at any time if you need something for printing, or for free computers for a certain time if yours broke.

What’s the best part of being a student in the UK?

The best part of being a student in the UK, I think it’s that it opens a lot of opportunity for your future because you meet people with who you want to work. It sets up your future goals, because not only you can be in one university, but you can communicate with people from other universities. That’s why I think it’s good in the UK system.

“It’s about going to the university that has a specific course that you’re interested in, I think it’s about finding the best fit for you and Kings can help you in finding that.”

What advice would you give to future Kings students?

I think one (piece of) advice is being very open minded and don’t be afraid to take the opportunities that are given to you. It can be social, making friends — some of my friends I knew from last year, I still see them now — but also about studying stuff and your future career. Just take any opportunity that comes to you.

What are you planning to do after university?

I’m currently on a Bachelor of Science, but I want to do a master's and afterwards work on something called sustainable development or environmental management.

How has coming to the UK changed you as a person?

First of all, I speak quite good English now! But also I know so many different people, I have learnt another culture, another way of life and I know more about how the country works and about the people.

Would you recommend Kings to other students?

I would recommend (it) if they want to go to an English university and if they want to study something that they are interested in. It’s not always about going to the best university, . Here at Lancaster University we have a very good science department, so I think it’s about finding the best fit for you and I think Kings can help you in finding that.

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