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Anna Krivoshlykova completed the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings and progressed to the University of York. We met up with her to talk about her time at Kings, and her experience so far studying for a degree in English Language and Linguistics.

You're studying English Language and Linguistics here at York. Did you always know that was what you wanted to do?

To be honest first of all I was considering Psychology, but my mum has a degree in Linguistics she persuaded me. I’ve been in love with the English language ever since I was maybe four or five, and always wanted to learn it and be good at it. I have no regrets about studying this, I love it.

Are there many other non-native English speakers on the course?

No, the majority are from the UK. I think I’m the only Russian on the course.

Are you enjoying it so far? What kind of modules are you doing?

Absolutely. I’m doing modules about syntax, sociolinguistics, phonetics and phonology, English grammar, semantics.

Did you have to get a very high IELTS score?

I think I needed about 7. I had IELTS 6.5 when I came to Oxford, but I wanted to improve it, so I prepared for it and did it again — I got 7.5 and it was good enough to get here.

Do you have an idea of what kind of career you might be interested in after your degree?

Yes, I’m thinking of maybe becoming an English language teacher to prepare people for IELTS, a school similar to Kings. It’s really interesting I think.

What made you decide to come to Kings to do the Foundation?

I chose to come to Oxford because I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. Kings I chose because it was recommended to me by my agent. I went there and met Ruth and Adam, and they were very welcoming and friendly. I really hoped I would get through my exams so I could come to Kings.

"[At Kings] I learned to be prepare for exams and assignments by myself – even though the teachers were always on hand if I needed them."

What do you think you gained most from the Foundation?

I think I gained independence, because it was my first time away from friends and family, and I learned to be prepare for exams and assignments by myself — even though the teachers were always on hand if I needed them.

I was also taught to write assignments properly, I learned how to do an independent research, how to paraphrase, how to do bibliography and so on. It turned out to be extremely helpful at the university!

What modules did you do as part of the Foundation?

I did Data, CSS, Economics, Politics and Geography. It was all really new to me, but I really enjoyed them all – especially Economics, it was difficult but interesting.

What has surprised you most about being a university student in the UK?

It’s surprised me how much there is to do! I’ve joined two societies, the Japanese Society and Dance Sport. I actually did a competition in Birmingham with my dance group last weekend! It was amazing! So, I’m really happy about that.

What activities did you take part in at Kings?

I was in the debating society, which I really liked. I met lots of people with different opinions, and I learnt how to express mine too. I also did an extra course in literature, I read Shakespeare and Chaucer, it was a really nice experience.

Was York your top choice, and how did you choose it?

Yes, it was. I came to Kings and I said I wanted to Psychology (at university), and they recommended York because it’s a good university for Humanities in general. I then spoke to my Politics teacher, Mark, who recommended it for language and linguistics too.

I actually came to visit in June and talked to some professors, who will hopefully teach me next year. I didn’t really get to see the city then, but I am really happy here. I have no regrets.

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