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Aleksandar Kesic studied the Advanced Level Foundation before taking up a place to study Economics at the University of Warwick.

Hi Aleksandar. What made you decide on Warwick as your university?

My good friend from Serbia studied here and he really recommended it. I came here to visit last year and I liked the campus, and university life, it seemed good for me.

Are you happy with your choice so far?

Yes, I’m really happy – especially because the Economics department is so good. It’s in the top three in the UK – it was a good choice.

How are your studies here different to at Kings?

The structure is different. At Kings we had assignments and exams throughout the year. Here we have some assessments throughout the year and it counts usually for 20 or 30 percent of the final grade but all exams are in May or June, so it’s not as intensive all year. We have spring break, and then the whole month to prepare for exams.

"[Being at Kings] was a really valuable experience and a good way to adapt to life in Britain."

Did you always know that you wanted to do a course like the Foundation at Kings?

Actually because I was studying in Russia, and there you have 11 years of schooling, I wanted to come to Britain to study but I couldn’t do A-levels. So I decided to do Foundation.

How did the Foundation most help you?

It helped me with some subjects, especially Economics as I didn’t study that before. It provided me with some good basic, and really useful, knowledge. Computer and data analysis is also a good module as I got experience working with computers and sorting out data, which is useful for university life. The communications skills part was also helpful as we learned how to write an essay properly – how to structure it and reference it.

Do you think you find it easier than other international students who have come to university straight from high school in their home country?

Yes, I have found it easier than them I think. Especially when I compare it with my friends from Serbia, where the system is different. For me it was much easier to adapt.

How was your time at Kings?

It was a very happy time and I really miss my friends and some of my teachers – especially friends. Sometimes we meet up – we met in London last term, and we all chat on Facebook.

Was it a good way to get used to being in Britain?

Yes, it was a really valuable experience and a good way to adapt to life in Britain.

How do you think university would be different in Russia or Serbia?

Probably I think the main difference is that in the UK we have more time for self study, and for other opportunities such as doing research or getting involved in interesting protects. In my country and Russia studies are more intense, and are based on knowledge accumulation. Here, especially in economics, we study the most up to date case studies and things – it’s really good and that’s why I wanted to come to the UK. It’s more modern and up to date, and obviously English these days is a necessity.

Do you have any idea yet what you’ll do when you graduate?

I’m not sure yet but probably I’ll continue my education and do a Masters degree. Or, if I can get a good job placement in a bank or consulting firm, probably I’ll start work.

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