Exceptional teaching. Online.

A Kings course means world-class teaching by subject specialists.

Now, with SmartClass, you can access Kings teaching from anywhere in the world.

Each online SmartClass course follows a rigorous, syllabus designed by our experts.

It combines live online lessons, learning resources and interactive group exercises to deliver great outcomes.

SmartClass benefits

  1. Experience live online lessons from the best teachers
  2. Access full learning resources 24/7
  3. Join a virtual class to suit your time zone
  4. Interact with your teachers and fellow students in real time
  5. Gain valuable qualifications for your future study plan

Enrolling from April 27 2020

A range of SmartClass courses will enrol from 27 April 2020:

  • English SmartClass
  • IELTS SmartClass
  • TOEFL SmartClass
  • High School SmartClass
  • Intensive Academic SmartClass

We'll publish full details about each course very soon.

Victoria from Vietnam

Victoria is currently completing A-levels with us.

“I find the online classes are pretty easy to access because before coming back, the teachers and the principal had a meeting with us to give a brief about using online platforms. When I study online, I can easily understand the teachers and the content of each lesson. […] I can still ask my teachers by emailing them and sometimes, I text or talk with my classmates, either in class or on a personal level.

“I think studying online at this time is reasonable and it is going quite well. […] I believe that Kings supports us a lot. Even at this time, I received an email from a teacher about mental health and she said if there are any problems, I can talk to her via mails or 1-1 meetings, so I really appreciated that. Thank you so much!”

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