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Aim for Oxford and Cambridge

Every year, our most exceptional students aim for the very best.

Both Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge) are recognised globally as two of the world's very best universities.

If a degree at Oxford or Cambridge is your dream, and you have the required academic ability and personal qualities, then we can help you follow in the footsteps of our elite students.

We'll help you win you place among the elite.

Requirements for Oxbridge entry

To be accepted by University of Oxford or University of Cambridge you will need:

Exceptional A-level grades

  • Oxford usually requires a minimum of AAA A-level grades.
  • Cambridge will usually require A*AA.

Many courses may demand higher grades, so it is important to refer to specific course entry requirements.

How Kings Oxbridge Preparation will help

Your teachers, head of subject and pastoral tutor will all work hard to ensure you achieve the academic success you need to apply for Oxbridge.

Genuine passion for your subject

Being able to demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for your subject and evidence of wider reading will give you an advantage over those who have simply followed the syllabus.

How Kings Oxbridge Preparation will help

At Kings we have experienced teachers in a range of specialisms. They will help develop your passion for your chosen subject and will give you in-depth advice on appropriate extra reading material.

A strong interview

The Oxbridge interview is more formal and more demanding than at other universities.

It will be an intellectual interrogation — but a friendly one!

You may be asked to show evidence of lateral thinking, personal observation, or even to talk about a subject outside your own specialism.

Don’t worry. The university is looking for evidence of your intellectual adaptability and potential, not just the right answer. The key is in your interview preparation.

How Kings Oxbridge Preparation will help

We will give you several mock interviews before the real interview.

Additional pre-entry tests

Cambridge asks for intricate details around AS-level results.

Oxford has a wider range of pre-entry tests, so you need to check if the course you are interested in requires this.

You should always do a mock test under timed conditions at least two months before your test.

How Kings Oxbridge Preparation will help

We will advise you on any pre-entry tests required depending on your intended degree subject. We will also give you advice and tips to prepare successfully for the tests and will conduct mock exams using example papers under timed conditions.

Open Days

Attending open days is the best way to get a feel for life at your chosen Oxford or Cambridge college.

How Kings Oxbridge Preparation will help

We will help you chose you the most appropriate college based on your subject choices and social preferences. We will organise visits for you so that you can talk to faculty and students.

"It’s just brilliant because my dream came true."
University of Oxford
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