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  • The technological world of today provides an ever-increasing need for graduates in these specialist fields of study — in every industry.
  • The range of degrees available in these fields is constantly expanding. Many institutions work with employers to develop practical courses that train students in new technologies as they evolve.

Maths and Computing in the UK

  • The UK has a consistently high standard of teaching and access to cutting-edge technology, and is therefore seen as a great place to complete a degree in computing or mathematics. 
  • Many computer scientists and mathematicians still use UK universities and colleges as bases for research into new systems. The country remains one of Europe’s leading markets for software and IT services in particular. 

A history of innovation

  • The UK has an impressive history of discovery and innovation in both mathematics and computing, thanks to the work of people such as World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee and Alan Turing - the inventor of the first modern computer.  
  • Equally, with such globally renowned mathematicians as the late Professor Stephen Hawking forming part of UK university faculty, there can be few more exciting places to study. 

Globally recognised universities

  • Three UK universities are listed in the Top 10 for Computer Science globally (THE World rankings 2024 - the University of Oxford (#1), the University of Cambridge (#7), Imperial College London (#8).
  • Four UK universities are also listed in the Top 20 for Mathematics globally (QS World University rankings 2023) - the University of Cambridge (#2), the University of Oxford (#3), Imperial College London (#10) and the University of Warwick (#19).

Typical Maths and Computing degrees

Kings students have progressed to a wide variety of degrees including:

  • Mathematics
  • Actuarial Mathematics
  • Actuarial Science
  • Finance and Mathematics
  • Financial Mathematics

  • Mathematics with Statistics
  • Mathematics with Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems
  • Computing for Business

Typical careers for Maths and Computing graduates

Students who complete degrees in the fields of mathematics and computing are well-known for their logical and analytical thought processes and problem-solving abilities.

UK computer science graduates are particularly sought-after for roles in:

  • software development 
  • telecommunications 
  • e-commerce
  • finance 

Whilst a lot of mathematics graduates go on to work in business, finance and accountancy-related fields, there are many other options for them to pursue with this background.

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