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Kings and Global Compass present:

Kings Olympiad

Inviting applicants for 2024

Education changes lives.

It leads to new qualifications, new opportunities and new careers. It opens up new experiences and new friendships in new places.

The Kings / Global Compass Olympiad marks life-changing moments in the journeys of Kings students.

The Kings Changing Lives scholarships are awarded to Kyrgyz students who demonstrate exceptional ability, potential and commitment to their education.

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Our students' success

Our students' success is what drives us.

We welcome all students and make sure each one of them thrives with us and achieves their best results.

About Kings

We have four colleges in the UK: in London, Oxford, Brighton and Bournemouth.

We prepare international and British students for university in the UK, delivering GCSE, A-level and Foundation programmes.

Our students go on to study at top universities in the UK, including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London and LSE.

Students from all over the world join our supportive and friendly community and they thrive and achieve their best results.

Our schools are fee-paying and the Scholarships will only cover part of the tuition costs. You will also need to be able to pay for accommodation and living expenses. So please check our fees.

About the Olympiad

Registrations are open until 16th February 2024.

The winner of the Olympiad will be awarded a Scholarship covering 50% of tuition fees to study at one of Kings Colleges in the UK, with Finalist scholarships providing 30% of tuition fees. The scholarship can be applied to GCSE, A-Level or Advanced Level Foundation courses at Kings in Brighton, Bournemouth, London or Oxford.

Note: Accommodation and other fees are payable by the student.

Who is eligible:

Students from Kyrgyzstan currently studying in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade of high school are eligible.

Stages of the competition:

The competition will be run in 4 stages:

  1. Online General English test
  2. Online Problem Solving test and online Communication Skills test
  3. Video submission task answering 3 questions
  4. Final interview

Results will be announced shortly after the interviews.

Note: Students will be required to submit their latest high school transcripts at stage 1.


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