GCSE and A-level Summer Booster Camp

Is this course for me?

The course is for students who would like to revise GCSE or A-level subjects in a way that is designed to really bring the curriculum to life.

It offers an ideal way to fill in any knowledge gaps and work on exam techniques, whilst at the same time having fun and engaging with the beautiful facilities and locations on our doorstep.

Key facts

Start date:

  • 19, 26 July; 2, 9, 16, 23 August 2021


  • Kings Bournemouth

Age range:

  • GCSE: 14-15 years; A level: 16-17 years


  • Minimum 1 week


  • 15 classroom lessons; 15 hours outdoor activities

Class size range:

  • 4-10 students


  • 09.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday

Programme overview

The course combines revision in core GCSE subjects and a range of A level subject areas — with a lively and engaging programme of team games and outdoor activities designed to bring the curriculum to life.

Available activities include raft-building, orienteering, bushcraft, camp building, rounders, basketball, capture the flag, beach volleyball as well as external visits to local companies and talks by employers.

All activities are wrapped around and interact with our classroom-based teaching.

But you won’t be confined to the classroom. We want you up and out of your seat, engaging and interacting with the beautiful facilities and locations on our doorstep; the parks, forest and the beach. We will focus on the core GCSE subjects and a wide range of A level subjects, adapted to your needs.

We will fill in any knowledge gaps you may have and work on your exam technique. We will fill you with confidence, so you return to school in September in the shape of your life, ready to hit the ground running, ready to achieve.

Programme content

Academic course content

GCSE subjects, sample content:

Sciences: structure, bonding, organic chemistry, chemical and energy changes, energy transfer, heating resources, the heart, plant transport, breathing, genetics, mitosis, stem cells

Maths: algebra, trigonometry, fractions, decimals, percentages

English Language: analysing non-fiction, writing to present a point of view, quotation analysis practise, language technique revision, inference skills

English Literature: review of key methods used to develop themes, and apply to a set text studied this year, review of key structural features of a text and apply to a set text studied

A level subjects covered:

Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Government & Politics, Economics, Art & Design

Students are able to choose up to three from the above subjects. We will tailor-make the programme based on your individual needs, focusing on the key topics and subject areas you wish to improve. We will help you build knowledge, fill in gaps and hone your exam technique.

Enrichment activities

Beach and bushcraft: beach-combing, camp building, scavenger hunt, rock climbing, tracking, navigation skills.

Team games: rounders, throw tennis, capture the flag, football, basketball, beach volleyballCreative Arts: Song-writing, mini-drama production, language exchange.

Business enterprise: visits to local companies, e.g Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, careers presentations.

UCAS counselling: how to get into a top university, how to write a compelling personal statement.

Language conversation: Spanish, French, Italian.

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