What is the level of Covid-19 where I will be studying?

While the infection level has reduced massively across the UK since the peak in April, there are variations throughout the country. It is therefore important to understand local data in relation to instances of the virus.

All areas in which Kings schools are located have very low levels of the virus.

As of 8 August, the number of new cases in the previous week as a proportion of the local population in each region (shown in brackets below) is:

Kings Bournemouth (Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch): 2 per 100,000

Kings Brighton (Brighton & Hove): 2 per 100,000

Kings London (Bromley): 3 per 100,000

Kings Oxford (Oxfordshire): 5 per 100,000

Source: Public Health England/UK Government dashboard via BBC:

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What steps has Kings taken to ensure my health, safety and well-being?

Kings has been working very hard to ensure all schools and accommodation facilities are as safe as possible.

Read our Health, Safety and Well-being factsheet

Update to the Health, Safety and Well-being factsheet

For your additional peace of mind Kings have also committed to the standards of health and safety required by two separate independent bodies:

Boarding Schools Association Covid-Safe Charter: This scheme is recognised by the UK Government and is referred to in a recent letter to all international students and parents from a Government Minister.
View Charter
Read Letter

VisitEngland We're Good to Go.
View the certificate

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What happens if I get ill when I am at Kings?

If you become ill when at Kings, notify a member of staff immediately. We will then check your temperature and ensure you are in self-isolation. If taken ill at school, you can stay in the school medical room until convenient to move at the end of the day.

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Will I have regular health checks at Kings?

We will regularly check in with all students including regular temperature checks (including on arrival). The school will have prominent displays about hygiene and social distancing to ensure everyone is doing all they can to remain healthy.

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How will I know if I need to see a doctor?
Will Kings staff help me?

We will regularly check the health of our students and remind them that if they feel unwell to let a member of staff know. If you are feeling especially unwell, we will arrange for a doctor’s visit.

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Will everyone have to wear a mask?

All students and staff will be required to wear a face covering in communal areas. We strongly encourage the use of coverings in the classroom. Science and art teachers will wear transparent face visors in their lessons.

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Will the school supply face coverings?

Students are encouraged to provide their own face coverings, but Kings will supply face coverings where needed.

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Can I buy a face mask near Kings?

Face coverings are available in many shops including those around each of our schools. We will also have masks available for students in the school.

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What if there is another lockdown while I am studying at Kings?

The UK Government have confirmed that keeping schools open will be their most important priority from September onwards. In practice this means that in the event of any new Covid-19 spike, all other lockdown measures will first be taken by the Government before the prospect of school closures is considered.

In the unlikely event of a school closure, we will follow Government guidelines and act accordingly. We will always ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff is priority and will ensure they are able to stay in a safe location for as long as required.

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What is the maximum Kings class size in the new term?

At Kings we promise small class sizes to ensure maximum support to our students. With social distancing measures in place the class sizes will be reduced further. The size of a group will depend on the size of the classroom. We will always ensure social distancing - according to UK Government guidelines - is maintained.

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Am I likely to have some classes online and some in person?

As part of social-distancing measures, where students are in bubbles, this might include some student bubbles studying in the school at set times, while other bubbles are studying online in their residence or homestay.

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Do I need to use an official Kings airport transfer?

We highly recommend using Kings’ organised airport pick-up as we know the drivers will be complying with Covid-19 safety measures.

For any students under the age of 18 who are required to self-isolate on arrival, we require them to use the Kings’ organised airport pick-up.

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Will the Kings Airport Driver be wearing a mask?

The driver will be wearing a mask, and you will be required to wear a mask in the car.

There will also be hand sanitiser available in the car.

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Will I have to isolate on arrival?

For many students there is no longer a requirement for quarantine on arrival to the UK. A full list of countries exempt from quarantine is published by the UK Government here. For students from countries other than those listed at the link above, there are two options for the 14-day self-isolation period that will be required upon arrival to the UK.

Option 1: Arrive in the UK by 24 August and self-isolate in Kings accommodation (either in residence or in homestay), then start the course at school in-person from 7 September.

Option 2: Arrive in the UK by 7 September and start the course online in self-isolation.

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If I need to quarantine, how much will accommodation and meals cost?

Standard charges apply, with an additional £30 charge per week for lunches for any student who booked half-board and require full board during self-isolation.

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Even if I don't need to quarantine,
can I arrive a few days earlier at the residence?

Yes. We usually ask students to arrive the weekend before classes start but welcome students arriving a few days before this in order for you to settle in before class starts!

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What if my country’s Government decides to repatriate me?

In the unlikely scenario your country’s Government requires you to return, we will do all we can to help secure a flight for you, ensure we are keeping in touch with you while you are back home and storing your luggage at the school if needed.

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Where can I get tested for Covid-19?

The staff at your college will direct you to the local testing facility.

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Can I access NHS healthcare?

All international students on a tier 4 visa are required to pay a Health Surcharge. This entitles you to full access to the UK National Health System. On arrival at Kings, the staff will help you to register with a local doctor.

All students are required to have insurance which would cover medical costs.

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How much does a Covid-19 test cost?

Testing for Covid-19 is free of charge if you have symptons or live in certain areas in the UK. Your immigration status does not affect this.

Please see the NHS link for the latest information about free covid testing:

Will my Kings’ insurance cover medical expenses related to Covid-19?

Yes. For students on a Tier 4 visa who will study over 6 months they will have paid a Health Surcharge that means all NHS treatment is covered. For other students who require medical assistance, they can claim on their insurance.

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What is the structure of online classes?

While we hope to welcome all students in September (or soon after) we understand some students will need to take online classes from their home country.

If this is the case, please be assured that the structure and curriculum is exactly the same as face to face classes because students join online the regular classes taking place at the school for their chosen subjects. They will be taught by the teachers and with the classmates whom they will eventually join.

This means they can join any week between the beginning and end of term one and not have to wait until January to arrive in the UK if they would prefer.

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Will online classes be live-streamed and recorded?

Classes are live streamed and some are recorded. Students will need a laptop with a camera and a microphone and Microsoft Teams.

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Can I do extracurricular activities online?

In addition to classes there are 'break out sessions' where students work together online and there is lots of opportunity for self-study around the subject through topics on our virtual learning platform, Classmate.

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Will I get personal support online?

Yes, each student has a personal tutor and they will be in touch via Microsoft Teams.

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When I start at the school will I join the same class groups I've had online?

If you are studying remotely, you will be joining the exact classes you will join in person. This is important to build your network before you have come to Kings, and ensure a smooth transition on arrival to the UK.

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How will my performance be evaluated during the online course?

All students will be doing the same assignments so your work will be evaluated in the same way as those students in class, through written work, presentations, participation.

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If I feel I am not progressing what measures are there to help me?

Any recovery measures will be considered at the time depending on the particular issues the student is facing. It may be that students need to re-sit a module, retake an exam, have extra classes for language or extra academic support. All of these are available to all students.

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Will a full timetable of classes be offered?

Full timetables will run for all courses/subjects that are offered.

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If I am in a homestay and I become ill,
can I self-isolate at the homestay?

Yes, if you are ill, we require you to self-isolate. Your homestay family will provide full board during this time.

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Will food be brought to my room if I am in self-isolation in residence?

Yes, members of staff will bring food to your room. If you are in self-catering accommodation we will give details of nearby supermarkets and takeaway options.

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Will I share a bathroom (or other common part of the home)
with my host family during self-isolation?

Yes, but common areas such as bathrooms will be cleaned more frequently. It will be important that students avoid as much contact with other people as possible in the homestay. Everyone in the homestay including the student should wash their hands regularly.

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