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Helping you get to the best university for you

Our dedicated University Application Programme runs alongside your main academic course.

It provides all the information, guidance and support you need to ensure you secure a place at the best possible university for you.

You will be assigned a personal university counsellor. They will work directly with you to help you research, select and apply for the ideal universities for your future plans.

Weeks 1 and 2

Introduction to your university options and UCAS registration

  • Familiarisation discussion session to introduce you to UK universities, rankings, and previous Kings student success.
  • UCAS Coordinator registers you with UCAS and provides you with usernames and password to access to your UCAS application. Your personal UCAS Adviser will assist you at every stage of the UCAS process.
  • Possible Oxbridge Candidates are identified and the Oxbridge application process begins.

Week 2 onwards

Regular counselling sessions from your personal UCAS Adviser

  • You are assigned your personal UCAS Adviser.
  • Personal university counselling continues over a number of weeks until your application is completed.
  • Each counselling session is timetabled as part of your University Application Programme.
  • Your UCAS Adviser will carefully guide you to select your five universities.
  • From the third session, you will receive help and support in writing your personal statement.

Week 3 onwards

Gaining practical, first-hand information about your university options

  • We invite university representatives to Kings to talk to you about university courses.
  • We arrange University Guest Lectures for you to attend at Kings, or sometimes at the university.
  • We organise University Fairs at Kings during which representatives from several universities are available for you to meet.
  • We arrange workshops on specific university-related subjects for you to attend.
  • We arrange for you to tour university campuses as part of a group or individually.

The application process

Checking the application before submission

  • Your UCAS Coordinator is responsible for checking that your UCAS application is free from errors before submission.
  • Academic High School certificates and IELTS certificates must be seen by the Coordinator before qualifications are recorded as checked on UCAS.

Payment for UCAS application

  • UCAS is a charity and therefore all applications must be paid for.
  • Each student (international and EU) pays the school £23 for an application which goes to five universities.
  • The money goes directly to UCAS.

Reference is written and attached to the application

  • An academic reference is written for you by the Head of Course, a subject teacher or a UCAS Counsellor who is familiar with your progress.
  • This ensures that each reference is authentic and personal.

After your UCAS submission

We continue to support you once you have submitted your application.

This includes submitting IELTS and Academic Transcripts to universities; offering assistance through clearing as well as maintaining contact with you even after you have started university.

After your application is sent we provide you with support if you are preparing for an interview or may have been rejected by your first choice university.

A designated staff member is responsible for replying to university queries and providing supporting documents on your behalf.

After you have started university we like to remain in close contact with you through our alumni network.

When to apply

International students must submit their university application by 30th June for university entry the following September.

However, if you are applying for competitive courses (such as Accounting and Finance, Art and Design, Economics, Law, Engineering) at very competitive universities, we strongly advise that your application is completed and sent by 15th January.

Important dates

From mid-September: Application can be submitted.

15th October: Deadline for applications to Oxford, Cambridge and applications for Medicine and Dentistry.

15th January: Equal consideration deadline for all courses.

24th March: Deadline for Art and Design courses.

30th June: Deadline for all applications from international students.

10th August: All Foundation transcripts (January and September) are submitted to University.

13th August: A-level results day 2020. UCAS Clearing is open.

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