Two study plans to complete your IGCSE

UK High School SmartClass is an innovative programme which offers more than just online learning. It allows students to start their international education journey in their own country, gaining international qualifications, skills and experience.

Students join live timetabled lessons from the UK, in small classes, taught by qualified and experienced teachers in real time. The teachers lead live traditional lessons, constantly monitoring and interacting with students, answering questions and guiding learning. Students’ learning and progression is monitored and supported by Kings’ Personal Tutors.

We offer IGCSEs with two different online study plans:

  • First year of two-year programme online; or both years online
  • Accelerated one-year programme online

In addition, you can start your GCSEs online and join us at our colleges in the UK when you are ready to do so.

Is this course for me?
  • This course is for students who want to gain an international qualification in their own country
  • Ideal for students who want to progress to further study in the UK

The Essentials

IGCSE: Accelerated one-year programme

Start date

  • 7th September 20201


  • Kings Bournemouth (classes delivered online, live from the school)

Course length

  • 1 Academic Year (3 terms)

Entry requirements

  • Junior Entrance Test equivalent to minimum IELTS 5.0
  • Completed 9 years of schooling

Minimum age

  • 15

Class size range

  • 4-10

Course price

  • £3,130 per iGCSE subject or £15,650 for 5 subjects

Learning outcomes

  • Gain UK national qualification
  • Raise English to level required for A-level or Foundation
  • Develop study skills required at sixth form level

Lessons2: Main academic subjects

  • Mathematics: 6 lessons per week                   
  • English: 6 – 8 lessons per week                 
  • Study skills: 2 lessons per week          
  • Combined Science: 8 lessons per week           
  • Information Communication Technology: 4 – 6 lessons per week
  • Geography or Humanities: 6 lessons per week

Lessons2: Enrichment programme subjects

  • PSHE and Citizenship: 2 lessons per week
  • Creative Arts: 2 lessons per week

Lessons2: Total

  • 40 – 42 lessons per week
  • Please note these are offered during the school day in the UK: 08.30 to 16.30

IGCSE: Standard two-year programme

Start dates1

  • 7th September 2020
  • 4 January 2021
  • 19 April 2021


  • Kings Bournemouth (First year delivered online, live from the school)2

Course length

  • 1 - 6 terms           

Entry requirements

  • Junior Entrance Test equivalent to minimum IELTS 4.0
  • Completed 8 years of schooling

Minimum age

  • 15

Class size range

  • 4-10

Course price

  • £3,130 per iGCSE subject or £15,650 for 5 subjects

Learning outcomes

  • Gain UK national qualification
  • Raise English to level required for A-level or Foundation at Kings Colleges           
  • Develop study skills required at sixth form level

Lessons3: Main academic subjects

  • Mathematics: 4+ lessons per week
  • English: 14 – 20 lessons per week
  • Study skills: 2 lessons per week
  • Combined Science: 3+ lessons per week
  • Information Communication Technology: 2 – 4+ lessons per week
  • Geography or Humanities: 2 – 4+ lessons per week

Lessons3: Enrichment programme subjects

  • PSHE and Citizenship: 2 lessons per week
  • Creative Arts: 2 lessons per week

Lessons3: Total

  • 40 – 42 lessons per week
  • Please note these are offered during the school day in the UK: 08.30 to 16.30

1 Students may join the course outside of these start dates during term time subject to availability, academic profile and English proficiency level. For students joining during the term time, Kings personal tutors will provide additional coursework to help catch up on previous study.

2 Students can either join the second year in person at Kings Bournemouth, or continue their second year online.

3 Students may choose to study a limited number of iGCSEs eg Maths only at 6 – 8 lessons per week.

Course structure and content

You will not only be joining live-streamed classes from the UK, but will be very much part of the school community. As such you will have access to:

  • A Kings Personal Tutor to support your IGCSE learning
  • Live lessons from the UK taught by qualified and experienced teachers in small classes
  • Personal school hub with full access to the learning area, live classes, course resources, full recordings of previous lessons for review/revision, timetable, homework records, assignment deadline reminders etc.
  • Access to learning 24/7, in additional to live timetabled classes
  • Personal access to the teachers at all times
  • Personal feedback from teachers on performance, progress and ways to improve further
  • Regular progress reports for students and parents
  • Evaluation and assessment of previous learning, including school transcripts and other learning and experience
  • Creation of an Individualised Learning Plan (ILP) based on future ambitions
  • Guaranteed progression opportunities for further studies with Kings Colleges in the UK
  • Conditional Letters of Acceptance for onward progression to Kings programmes
  • Kings Certificate on completion of the course
  • Assistance with locating examination centres convenient to location of study for public examinations
  • Internationally recognised IGCSE qualifications
  • Kings support throughout the whole journey of admissions, successful study and progression to the next stage of your education

Sample timetable

N.B. Timings are indicative and do not show free periods

The Academic Year

As with a traditional school experience, classes are formed at the start of the academic year with students in each class working together through to successful completion of the course. This builds a sense of community within each class, with students getting to know each other, working individually and collaboratively in varied and engaging activities to facilitate learning.

Personal teacher interaction

Teachers know every student in their class and develop a strong understanding of their individual learning needs and styles and can tailor learning activities accordingly. Classroom interactions are varied, including whole class, small group and individual activities. The teacher continually monitors all students’ performance and is always available to answer questions, whether that is with the whole class, group or direct personal questions from an individual students.

Students always have a channel of communication to gain the support they need, helping to build their confidence and achieve successful learning outcomes and results in their IGCSE qualifications.

Progress monitoring and assessment

Students complete a variety of classroom, homework and assessments through the programme. Student progress is monitored throughout the programme with on-going feedback, regular reports all working towards the final public IGCSE examinations.

Public examinations

All IGCSE classes lead to final public examinations or progression to complete GCSEs at Kings Colleges in the UK. We prepare all our learners thoroughly for their public examinations and provide full advice, support and guidance for students to select, apply and progress to the most appropriate course to suit their individual circumstances and ambitions.

Learning clubs and activities

Kings tutors will provide guidance on development opportunities outside of classroom activities.

These are an important means of enhancing understanding and can support future studies or university ambitions.

Learning outcomes

  • Study the first year (or first term) of internationally recognised IGCSE qualifications online before transferring to the UK to complete the second year of study at a Kings College
  • Or complete the final year of IGCSEs in your own country and progress to A-levels or Foundation Programmes at Kings Colleges in the UK
  • Raise your English to the level required for the next stage of study
  • Gain academic and personal development; including international communication and study skills, responsibility, independence, group and teamwork

Your learning experience
and Kings High School Advisors

Before the programme

  • Kings’ tutors will help to assess your learning needs. They will work with you to learn more about your educational history, your future plans and your English level.
  • You will receive an individual learning plan which will provide further details on the programme of study, time of lessons and details of next steps.
  • Once the enrolment process is completed we will help students to log-in to their Student Hub page and guide them through the student induction process, ensure that they have their timetable and are fully prepared to start their live classes.

During the programme

In the classroom

  • The classroom experience is central to the programme. The teacher will lead classes with both a collaborative class approach and individual student attention and building a strong sense of community and shared purpose.
  • Students will join their classmates to follow their timetabled live classes, accessed through their individual student hub.
  • Teachers will lead traditional classroom lessons, utilising engaging resources. Students will work through stimulating whole class, small group, pair work and individual activities and tasks to explore the subject and facilitate learning.
  • Teachers constantly monitor students’ interactions and progress and answer class, group or individual questions.
  • Students communicate with their teacher and each other through a range of channels including speech, written messages, whiteboards, screen-sharing, co-web browsing, shared notes, recordings, presentations and break-outs.
  • Students work through specific examples
  • individually, in groups and may share their
  • work with or even lead the class through a particular activity, idea or task.
  • Every student has the opportunity to send a direct message to the teacher if they wish, meaning no question is ever left unspoken or unanswered.
  • Kings High School Advisors will continue to monitor your progress and will be available to support you with progression through your programme. They will also be available for parents as a central point of contact as required. Learning available all day, every day
  • All students have their own personal Student Hub which is central to their programme. Through their hub students will access their timetable, live classes, courses resources, learning activities, homework records, teacher feedback and advice and tracking of progress.

Students will have access to the whole subject curriculum at any time and from anywhere

  • All live lessons are digitally recorded and will be uploaded for review. This allows for students to go back to the lesson as needed to consolidate learning, master tricky concepts and for revision in preparation for examinations.
  • Should a student miss a live lesson for any reason (i.e. through sickness) students can catch up through the recording of the class they missed via the digital archive.
  • Kings High School Advisors will be on hand if there is any support you need.


  • We recognise our legal and moral duty to the well-being of children, protect them from harm and respond to safeguarding concerns. Through their day-to-day contact with students and correspondence with families, our team have a role to play in noticing safeguarding concerns and working with parents and appropriate agencies.
  • Our aim is to ensure the safe and secure provision of education for our students. Our team will be proactive in student welfare issues.
  • Should you have any questions please contact your Kings High School Adviser.

Preparing for public examinations

  • The programme will include full preparation for the final IGCSE examinations.
  • Classes will include revision activities and guidance, with additional resources provided through your Student Hub.
  • We will work with you to identify convenient local locations to sit your public IGCSE examinations.

Programme completion

For students completing their IGCSEs in their own country, we will ensure that you are clear on how and when you will receive your final IGCSE examination results.

Next steps

After you have completed your High School SmartClass Programme and gained your IGCSE qualifications you will celebrate and progress to the next stage of your education.

Your Kings tutor will be able to provide advice and support for progression options with Kings at:

  • UK: Kings Colleges
  • US: Kings Premium Universities
  • International: Kings Partner Schools

Computer requirements

It’s easy to get started with SmartClass.

For the most immersive experience we recommend a modern laptop or PC.

Recommended configurations

We recommend systems that meet or exceed the following specifications:

Processor (CPU)

  • Intel Core i5 or equivalent

Operating system

  • Microsoft Windows 10


  • 8GB RAM


  • 21.5” wide screen or larger monitor / 15” laptop screen

Network Adapter

  • Wired network connection with Internet access

Minimum configurations

The following lists minimum requirements that allow for network connectivity and other basic functions. If you are planning on purchasing a new computer, please use the recommended configurations.

Processor (CPU)

  • Intel Core i3 or equivalent

Operating system

  • Microsoft Windows 10


  •  4GB RAM  


  • 19.5” wide screen or larger monitor / 15” laptop screen  

Network Adapter

  • Wired network connection with Internet access/wireless connection with strong signal and Internet access

Mobile Devices

Development is on going and we look forward to offering this in the future.

Apple Mac Computers

We recommend you use a Windows PC or laptop, however, Apple Mac computers can be used. We are obliged to make our users aware that we are unable to support Apple Mac computers as fully as Windows computers. Apple Macs also work with different file types to Windows, therefore, if an Apple Mac is used, Office for Mac is required to save documents in the correct file types, otherwise files may need to be converted for compatibility.

Internet Connection

We recommend a wired network connection is used wherever possible rather than Wi-Fi. We recommend a minimum Internet download speed of 10 Mbps.

Printer and Scanner

We recommend that students have access to a printer and scanner for school work as some subjects require the printing and scanning of class exercises and exams.

ChromeBook/Chrome OS

The Chrome Operating System is not supported with our system.

Tablet Computers

Tablet computers, including iPads and Android, are not supported with our system.


All setups will require speakers and a microphone. We recommend the use of a headset which combines both headphones and microphone.

How to book

Students must book at least one week prior to the course start date (excluding weekends)

If an official English test score is not available, students must first take the Kings level test online to confirm their current English level. This must be taken under exam conditions without dictionary/internet assistance. Please submit this with your application for the most efficient response.

If the minimum level of English is confirmed, a provisional enrolment confirmation will be sent within 24 hours.

The following documents must be included as part of the booking:

  • All academic transcripts beginning with Year 9
  • Copy of ID (Birth Certificate and Passport)
  • Proof of English Proficiency (if available)

Students will receive final details of their transcript evaluation and the credits needed for graduation 24 hours before the start of their course, along with login details to join the programme.

Payment can be made via our online payment platform or by bank transfer/credit card.

Thank you for your enquiry.
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The Kings Admissions Team