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MMI overview


MMIs consist of several short practical assessments, usually less than 10 minutes each. Students are presented with the scenario a few minutes before the interview to allow time to prepare.

The student is then either asked a question by the interviewer or has to take part in a role-play scenario with an actor whilst the interviewer observes.

  • MMI interviews will probably take about 2 hours
  • Each mini interview will take no longer than 10 minutes
  • Most universities will have around 10 MMI ‘stations’

Types of Stations at MMI sessions

MMI interviews will take various formats according to the school, however the Medic Portal gives the following examples for students:

  • You will be presented with a set of instructions that describe a situation involving an ethical scenario, which you will then be asked to discuss or try and solve
  • You will be given a scenario involving an actor — for example, you might have to break some bad news to them or gather specific information
  • You may be given a task involving teamwork with other applicants
  • There might be a station where you are asked a traditional interview question or given a reading comprehension exercise
  • You are given a sheet of data and asked to provide analysis of it

What do Admissions staff look for during MMI interviews?

The Medic Portal says: MMI interviews are about showing your interviewer what you’re capable of doing, rather than just telling them.

Interviewers want to know that you’ve got what it takes to be a medical practitioner — not just the grades and know-how, but the right attitude and skills as well.

They will be testing your ability to make ethical and informed decisions, as well as your critical thinking and communication skills. They will also be interested in your knowledge of current healthcare and social issues.

Some example MMI interview scenarios

Example 1:

An actor plays the role of your elderly neighbour. You have just accidentally run over your neighbour’s cat whilst reversing your car. You have 5 minutes to break the bad news to her. This role-play tests insight, integrity, communication skills and empathy.

Example 2:

You are given details of 15 individuals, including their age, gender and occupation. A nuclear attack is imminent and you are only allowed to save 5 of them from destruction. Which ones and why? A prioritisation exercise. The emphasis is on problem solving and rational thinking under pressure.

Example 3:

Without using your hands, explain how to tie shoe laces. Tests verbal communication skills, the ability to break down the task into a series of small steps and your ability to check that the interlocutor is understanding what you are saying.

Preparation for MMIs

Kings will offer specialist support to all students with offers from universities which require MMIs (multiple mini interviews).

  • A-level students can begin preparation term 3 of the first year. This will consist of general interview practice and we can use staff at the student’s college or another Kings college to provide practice sessions.
  • 1-year A-level students, Aston students and UCLAN students will be given interview practice as part of their academic enhancement sessions. This will include sessions exploring topics which are relevant to the exam as well as interview technique. Students will also benefit from practice interviews.
  • Kings will provide all students who will be completing an MMI with a full day of preparation and training from Duo UK on Interview Guidance and Communication Skills specifically for MMIs
  • Students will be filmed during the interview; will be given instant feedback and guidance — which will also be filmed. This will be provided as a DVD for use when preparing further.

This training will take place towards the end of November. MMIs are usually undertaken in January, but some can take place in December.

Completing the MMIs Universities will ask students to attend the Multiple Mini Interviews once their applications are successful. Kings will provide help with arranging transport to the university and Kings staff can provide help with accommodation if required.

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