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A-levels 2019

Maths Further Maths Biology Chemistry Physics Economics GPO History Art & Design Progression university and course
A* A A University of Warwick, Mechanical Engineering
A* A A B University College, London; Engineering (Electronic and Electrical)
B C A University College, London; Pharmacy
A B B University of Bristol, Computer Science and Electronics
U B C University of Essex, Business Economics
A* A A A University of St Andrews, Computer Science and Philosophy
U D C Kingston University, International Business with Business Experience
C C C Cardiff University, Media with Communications
B C A University of Leeds, Medical Sciences
D E C University of Leeds, Middle Eastern Studies
B C Queen Mary College, University of London; Computer Science
B C B Loughborough University, Biochemistry
A A A Architectural Association University, Architecture
A U A Durham University, Combined Honours in Social Sciences
E U D University of Greenwich, Biomedical Science
U E E University of Westminster, London; Biomedical Science
B D C University of East Anglia, Financial Economics
C C B Cardiff University, Neuroscience
B C Queen Mary College, University of London; Mechanical Engineering
A* A* Cambridge-deferred; Mathematics

GCSE 2019

Maths English as a second language Double Science Geography
5 1 2-2
8 4 5-5 5
9 6 6-6 6

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