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  • This course is for students who do not yet have the English language level needed to start a Kings pre-university course.
  • It is designed to provide careful and thorough preparation for the intellectual and linguistic demands of GCSE, A-level or Kings Foundation courses.

Course structure and content

Key Facts

Start dates:

  • September
  • January
  • April
  • June


  • Kings Bournemouth
  • Kings Brighton
  • Kings London
  • Kings Oxford

Course length:

  • 1 - 3 terms


  • 27.5, plus an hour per day for extra activities

Entry requirements:

  • IELTS (or equivalent) 4.0

Minimum age:

  • 14 in Bournemouth
  • 16 in all other colleges

Learning outcomes

  • Raise English to level required for an academic programme at Kings
  • Gain study skills required for an academic programme at Kings

Course structure

The English Preparation course is highly intensive.

The fully integrated tuition system develops your learning and study skills as well as language skills. The course enables you to:

  • Become familiar with the conventions and expectations of the UK education system
  • Become familiar with the style of language used in academic texts
  • Increase your speed in reading and writing
  • Enlarge your vocabulary, especially in relation to academic subjects
  • Learn to identify key facts and information from a wide range of texts
  • Learn to organise and set out factual information clearly and coherently, orally and in writing
  • Learn to identify and analyse the main argument in a text or presentation
  • Learn to express ideas and opinions logically and confidently using appropriate language
  • Learn to challenge the ideas of others and present contrasting views


Successful application and effort should ensure you progress by an average of IELTS 0.5 every 6 – 12 weeks.

Once you reach the required level, you can proceed directly to your chosen academic programme at Kings.

English Preparation factsheet
"Kings definitely helped me build a varied portfolio. I think that being able to show a wide range of skills helped me in my university interview."
Leeds Arts University
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