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Top degrees in Business and Management

Click below to view the list of our most recent students now studying Business and Management in the UK.

Progression to Business and Management degrees
"My English was already quite good when I came to Kings but it’s completely different from the education system I was used to and I had no idea how to write essays or how to do an academic presentation. Now I realise how essential it is."
Durham University
"Kings really helped and supported me in getting into university. I am the only one in my family who is studying overseas right now so I would say they would be proud of me. "
Sirasin Niyomthamakij
University of Essex
"My experience at Kings has been great, the class sizes are small which means that you get a lot of one-on-one attention with the teachers which has been really helpful for me."
Harper Adams University
"At Kings the supportive teachers and staff help students through every step towards going to the best universities and make being away from home much easier."
Aston University
"Kings helped me through the whole process of applying to university and making sure I made the right choice for my studies"
University of Warwick
"It's nothing like any British school at all. It's completely different — everything from the community to the lessons. "
University of Warwick
"Tutorials are made easy for uni as I was familiarised with the idea of being open-minded and opinionated when I was at Kings."
University of Edinburgh
"One thing Iove about the learning at Kings is the small and personalized classrooms. It makes it easier to interact and not feel hesitant asking questions."
University College London
"It allowed me to realise what I am capable of."
Goldsmiths University
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"The school really takes care of international students in terms of both integrating into the new academic system as well as our emotional well-being"
University of Bristol
"I decided to apply to Warwick mostly because of the ranking and the prestige it has."
University of Warwick
"I would definitely recommend Kings because it’s the year when I met fantastic people, fantastic teachers as well, helping me a lot to achieve my English level and to make me go to university."
University of Essex
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