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Kings Brighton  is a modern, independent sixth-form college. We welcome  ambitious students looking to maximise their A-level results. 

We offer an education built for the modern global world; one which fits entirely around the individual needs of our students. Get in touch to arrange a visit and to meet our staff.

We are taking applications for January and September 2024 start dates.

We are located in the heart of Brighton:
27-33 Ditchling Road

The Kings Brighton Difference

Kings Brighton offers the most convenient, personalised and successful way to maximise your grades and proceed to the best universities in the UK.

Below are some reasons why:

1. Student-centred ethos

  • Highly personalised approach to learning and pastoral development
  • Friendly and empowering college community — on a human scale

2. Exceptionally small classes

  • Just 4 – 10 in a class
  • Maximum contact time with subject specialists

3. Outstanding examination results

  • 78% A* - B overall
  • 77% A - C in Sciences
  • 86% A* - B in Humanities

4. Support and personal development

  • Extensive personal tutor and pastoral care team
  • Wide range of extracurricular activities, work experience and research opportunities

“Kings is an amazing school run by an amazing headmaster, with great teachers and nice facilities. The Headmaster has been simply fantastic and has always been there to guide Albert's education at every juncture and inevitably sees the larger picture and takes actions accordingly. This measured and intelligent approach. has led time and time again to positive outcomes for both Albert and the school.”

Parent of Kings Brighton A-level student

5. Leading university destinations

  • Extensive, individually tailored support for degree selection and university application
  • Full UCAS guidance
  • Specialist preparation for additional university assessments: UKCAT, BMAT, TSA, LNAT
  • Personal Statements and interview preparation
  • Specialist options: Oxbridge, Medicine, Law, Art and Design, and more

6. Global reach and opportunities

  • Develop a global outlook sharing ideas and concepts with students from around the world
  • Assess opportunities for further study in the UK or overseas
“It’s a much higher standard than I’ve ever experienced, which is refreshing. It’s amazing — so much better than what I’d known. It’s a completely different level — a completely different standard of learning. I’m lost for words, I’m not really sure how to describe it other than the fact that... It’s just amazing! So much better than anything I’ve ever experienced with education. I kind of always just settled for my grades [in the past] — I was told to be realistic about my options in life, which is obviously not very nice.”
Milly, A-level student

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