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Top achievers

Many of our students achieve grades equivalent to A*A*A* at A-level.

Our most recent high achievers and their degree progression

Sing Yan Lee (92%)

  • Physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham (#11 Physiotherapy)

Yue Li (90%)

  • Accounting and Finance at University of Manchester (#8 Accounting and Finance)

Nina Hasebe (87%)

  • Robotics & Intelligent Systems at King’s College London (#17 Computer Science)

Hannah Bouckaert (87%)

  • History and International Relations at LSE (#7 History)

Georgette Sebastiao (86%)

  • Chemical Engineering with a year in Industry at the University of Nottingham (#6 Chemical Engineering)

Orvanda Lukene da Silva Ferreira (85%)

  • Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the University of Bath (#7 Mechanical Engineering)

Yi Ting Zheng (84%)

  • Business Studies at Lancaster University (#16 Business)

Jia Ling Goh (84%)

  • Law at the University of Leeds (#17 Law)

Sarah Miller (83%)

  • English & European Law at Queen Mary University London (#18 Law)

Hiu Ying Lee (83%)

  • Law at Lancaster University (#11 Law)

Nguyen Nhat Anh Hoang (83%)

  • Pharmacy at the University of Reading (#21 Pharmacy)

Yulan Sheng (83%)

  • Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield (#3 Town and Country Planning and Landscape)

Aleksandar Kesic (82%)

  • Economics at the University of Warwick (#1 Economics)

Mohammadreza Kermani Nejad (82%)

  • Computer Science at King’s College London (#17 Computer Science)

(#) indicates subject ranking where specified. All rankings from The Times Good University Guide 2024.

I think Kings helped because it gives you a structured idea of what academic life might be life when you go to university.
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