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Our people

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Vanessa Zuidema

Center Director

Vanessa is responsible for overall operations and the student experience at the Kings New York center. Together with an enthusiastic team, she focuses on delivering exceptional services for our students, which include engaging courses and memorable social programs, in a warm, welcoming environment. She works in close collaboration with Concordia College to expand the center, while ensuring that students are successfully integrated into the campus and Concordia College services.

"I am excited to join Kings Education as the Center Director in New York. I have been in the International Education field for more than ten years. My career started with the completion of a Master's degree from NYU after which I began working with private language schools in student services roles. Most recently, I served as the Director of EC New York. My love for this work began through my own experiences studying abroad and living with host families in Francophone countries. From my sophomore summer in Martinique to graduate school research in South Africa, I knew I wanted to spend my career helping students experience the world and building bridges between cultures.

In my free time, you'll find me experimenting in the kitchen or outdoors with my family. And of course, I am always seeking to fulfill my love for travel and adventure!"

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Chris Bock

Senior Progression Advisor

As Senior Progression Advisor, Chris works with Pathways students who have transitioned to Concordia College, assisting with their progression to their dream school and program. Chris helps students unlock all aspects of the college transfer application process, including finding the perfect college fit, understanding all admissions requirements, and coaching them through the process of writing the perfect transfer essay.

"I had a unique undergraduate experience. I began studying at a private music conservatory in the Boston area as a freshman. After deciding that this program wasn’t for me, I changed my plans, changed my major and ultimately transferred schools three times, first to a community college near my family’s home, and then to a small state college. I finally found my “fit” at my fourth institution, Stony Brook University, where I earned a BA in English Literature and Criticism. After earning my MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry, I served as an Assistant Professor of Humanities at an arts-focused university in the Boston area, then as an instructor at a community college in New York City. I also taught English language courses to students from around the world during this time, which allowed me to pursue my interest in global education and cultural exchange.

It is incredibly rewarding to see the look on students’ faces when they receive acceptance letters to universities they have been dreaming about! I am very happy to be able to share my passions for higher education with students acclimating to life at a U.S. university."

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Margaret Massimi

Academic Affairs Manager

As Academic Affairs Manager at Kings New York, (Concordia), Margaret ensures students and teachers have what they need to succeed. This begins with understanding long term goals to meeting daily objectives. Margaret oversees student placement, testing, evaluation, and classroom management. Margaret carefully follows student progress, while supporting and encouraging each student to work to his or her potential.

Margaret is from Connecticut and began travelling the world after pursuing an undergraduate degree in English and Education. She became part of the International School system, teaching in Geneva and Rome. Margaret earned her MA in School Administration and Leadership in 2011.

"When I moved to Rome, Italy, I realized that merely knowing a handful of expressions wasn't enough. I wanted to communicate with the Italian people. So I began studying Italian, eventually becoming fluent, and the experience has enriched my life immensely. Through language, expressions, ideas and intellect are revealed. You can meet a non-English speaker and say to yourself, 'This person doesn't know English, I'm moving on,' or you can say to yourself, 'She doesn't know English, but I bet she has an interesting story.' Kings Pathways gives international students the opportunity to go out in the world and tell their stories. I am thrilled to be a part of it."

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Jodi Hu

Campus Support Coordinator

Jodi works on the student services team as Campus Support Coordinator, providing our students with an array of culturally enriching activities to maximize their experience at Kings New York. She plays an active role in student life both on and off campus, providing students with guidance and support.