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New Jersey

New Jersey enjoys a great location on America’s east coast, close to
New York and Philadelphia. Known within America as the ‘Garden State’,
its verdant state parks are complemented by thriving, cosmopolitan cities.

Courses available in New Jersey

University Preparation

Accommodation options

Our students in New Jersey, at Rider University, benefit from on-campus accommodation.

Go to our New Jersey accommodation page for pictures and details or click on the link below to open the Residential Accommodation factsheet:

Medical care

When you arrive in New Jersey, you should register with a local doctor. We can help you do this.

If you feel ill at any time during your stay in New Jersey with Kings, you should first tell a member of staff. We will be able to help you to see your doctor if needed.

Above all, you should make sure you have full Kings medical insurance during your time in the USA.