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Our people

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David Lewis

Academic Affairs Manager

As Academic Affairs Manager at Kings Los Angeles (Marymount), David supports students and teachers in pursing their learning goals. He makes sure that classes and textbooks are the right fit, and encourages University Preparation Program (UPP) Students to continue their studies as undergraduates at Marymount California University. He also focuses on professional development for the teaching faculty, curriculum design and implementation, and assessment and reflective practices.

"I have taught for over eleven years both at elementary and international schools, and was an Assistant Director for over seven years during the summer months when school was not in session. I have a Masters of Arts in Human Resources Management with a specialization in Organizational Development. Prior to entering graduate school, I successfully completed my Bachelors of Art in English with a minor in Communications. I'm so happy to be a part of the Kings Team!

Throughout my years working in academia, I have gained valuable experience working with people from various socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. In addition to classroom instruction and employee management, I have advised people on their future academic and professional goals. Above all, I have encouraged both students and staff to assume a very active responsibility for their learning and work performance. My students and staff have enthusiastically made strategic choices, reflected on their learning processes, and often collaborated with others to assure the best possible outcome. I continue to build life-long relationships with past students and staff after they move on to pursue their goals."

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Martha Turner

Progression Manager

"As a first generation college student of foreign birth I can relate to the dreams and fears of many of our students. I come from a family background where education and entry into a high ranking university are valued and understand the demands and expectations that parents have for their children.

I completed my Bachelors at University of California Los Angeles, in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations, and my Masters in Education, with an option in Dual Language Development, at California State University Long Beach. Attending different higher education institutions has given me a better understanding of different academic systems and their approaches in developing students.

Completion of my degrees allowed me to serve as an academic achievement advisor within the community college setting. In addition, I taught Advanced Placement Civics at Loyola Marymount University and served as an instructor for Kings’ Undergraduate Preparation Program.

I enjoy applying my academic and advising experience in order to help international students understand the American higher education system. I value the opportunity I have as Progression Manager to work with amazing students from diverse backgrounds. It is very rewarding to help guide our international students through their academic journeys and share in the fulfillment of their goals."