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Our people

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Jennifer Smith

Center Director

Jennifer is our Center Director at Kings Los Angeles (Marymount).

"I started at Kings LA as a teacher in July 2013 and then I was an Assistant Director of Studies for a year and a half. Before Kings, I was a university ESL professor in Malaysia and Korea for 17 years."

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Martha Turner

Progression Adviser

"As a first generation college student of foreign birth I can relate to the dreams and fears of many of our students. I come from a family background where education and entry into a high ranking university are valued and understand the demands and expectations that parents have for their children.

I completed my Bachelors at University of California Los Angeles, in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations, and my Masters in Education, with an option in Dual Language Development, at California State University Long Beach. Attending different higher education institutions has given me a better understanding of different academic systems and their approaches in developing students.

Completion of my degrees allowed me to serve as an academic achievement advisor within the community college setting. In addition, I taught Advanced Placement Civics at Loyola Marymount University and served as an instructor for Kings’ Undergraduate Preparation Program.

I enjoy applying my academic and advising experience in order to help international students understand the American higher education system. I value the opportunity I have as Progression Manager to work with amazing students from diverse backgrounds. It is very rewarding to help guide our international students through their academic journeys and share in the fulfillment of their goals."

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Cindy Le

Progression Advisor

"After graduating from UC Irvine with a Bachelors degree in Anthropology and Sociology, I worked as an ESL teacher in South Korea. I then pursued a Masters degree in International Educational Development at the University of Pennsylvania, which included an internship with UNICEF Jamaica. These experiences strengthened my communication skills as well as taught me the value of learning from diverse perspectives. Most of all, my experiences taught me the importance of a community coming together to help a student learn and grow.

I first started at Kings in 2014 as the Admissions and Special Projects Coordinator. Although I enjoyed my time in Admissions, I missed interacting with students. I am very excited to work with the Kings MCU Team and instructors, MCU faculty and staff, and our students to help them reach their academic goals. I'm positive our students will also teach me a lot along the way!"

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Amanda Naughton

Campus Support Coordinator

"As a semi-recent college graduate, working at Kings is such a fun opportunity to be a part of future college students' lives.

My education was in Family Studies. I love people and enjoy getting to know them and their backgrounds. As Campus Support Coordinator, I get to play a role in the student's daily lives whether it be helping them with housing, helping them plan fun activities, or just being a general resource for them — I love how interactive I get to be with the students.

Different jobs I have had in the past, such as working at a non-profit, being a personal assistant, and even working at a rehabilitation center, have all helped me with my leadership, people skills, and my overall love of being in an interactive environment such as the one I am in at Kings."