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Our people

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Andrew Short


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Andy Plain

Director of Studies, Academic Programmes

Andy is the Director of Studies, Academic Programmes, which involves helping the students on these courses through their studies so they can achieve their potential in the subsequent Foundation or A-level courses.

"I am originally from Dorset so it has been great to move back to a place I know and love after years of working overseas, including universities in China and Vietnam. For many students on the ‘extended’ courses it is their first time in the UK so I am really happy to be able to share my knowledge of the area to help them adjust to a new culture when they arrive.

There is a fantastic sense of community within the school and everyone gets involved in a huge variety of events. Personally, I have been leading a pronunciation club recently and I hope to start a baking club in the near future."

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Belen Sullivan

Accommodation and Welfare Officer

For 21 years Belen’s role has been to find the best possible host families for our students. She heads the team that regularly recruits new families and revisits those who have worked with us for some time to maintain the highest standards. Her department also looks after student welfare, taking care of medical, personal and even legal matters.

“Originally from Barcelona in Spain, I married an Englishman and followed him back to the UK 27 years ago, so now I’m almost more English than Spanish! My foreign background, varied secretarial and commercial office experience and facility with languages combine with my extrovert Latin personality to make me love working with people from all over the world. I like to make sure they get the most out of their stay here in Bournemouth.

"When not thinking about college work (quite difficult during the busy summer months), I relax by watching tennis (I admit to being in love with Nadal), cooking and travelling. I almost forgot; I’m also a very experienced landlady myself."

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Gabor Toth

Director of Studies (Junior Courses) and Examinations Coordinator

Part of Gabor's job is to give students information on exams, mainly the Cambridge suite exams (PET, FCE, CAE) and IELTS. He helps students by advising them on which exam to take and how they can prepare for it.

As Director of Studies for the Junior Courses, he makes sure that students are in the right class for their level so that they can make the most of their time at Kings. Gabor's role is also to ensure that the teachers have the right classes and resources.

“I have an MA with TESOL Qualification and the Cambridge DELTA. I have been involved in working with exam classes quite a lot and I think it is vital that students know what the best exam is for them.
I taught in a secondary school in Hungary before I joined Kings Bournemouth.

I love languages. Apart from English and Hungarian I get by in Swedish and German too. In my free time I take tango classes and experiment in the kitchen with different recipes. I love exploring new places and cultures so I enjoy travelling to places where I have not been before.

I love Kings because it is a vibrant school with lots of activities and there's always someone to help you if you have a question.”

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Bev Ward

Travel Manager

Bev has been the Travel Manager at Kings for the past 3 years and it is her responsibility to arrange all of the individual transfers, and group transfers, for the students attending Kings Bournemouth.

During the very busy Summer months she also has an assistant as the Travel Office then becomes responsible for all transfers at our five UK Residential Summer Centres too.

“I often go up to the airport to meet and greet the groups attending Kings Bournemouth. After liaising with the agents/group leaders ahead of their arrival, it is so nice to put a ‘face to a name’. We have many groups that return year after year, with the same Group Leaders, and they become very much a part of Kings.

In my spare time I like baking, particularly cupcakes, for family and friends' birthdays!  I also love going to the theatre and spending time with my two grown up daughters.”

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Lucy Polley

Head of Accommodation and Welfare

Lucy is responsible for the smooth running of Kings Bournemouth’s residences, located across the city.

"I ensure that students enjoy living in their accommodation, have access to everything they need and are looked after by our friendly wardens.

I have worked in international schools for the past six years. My first job in an international school involved creating and running social programmes — I then became involved in arranging and managing student accommodation. I really enjoy meeting students from all over the world and learning about different cultures.

In my spare time, I enjoy socialising with friends and family, especially cooking for them. I am also part of a netball and rifle shooting team."