We will need you to submit your portfolio as part of your application.

What should my portfolio consist of?

Your portfolio should show the range of work you have done in the last two years, either in classes or in your own time. We advise you to show work done in a variety of media and materials. You should also include:

  • Any approaches to drawing, such as experimental drawing, quick planning sketches and direct observational drawing.
  • Any work relevant to the specialist area(s) you are considering (for example fashion or fine art).
  • Any museum studies or work inspired by other artists, designers or craftspeople.
  • Some developmental work — not just finished pieces — showing how you explore a subject or theme and experiment with ideas visually. It would be good to see examples of sketchbook work.

You may include 3D work: for example garments, models, sculptures or maquettes, items of jewellery or body ornament. You may have to send photos of these. If you have done design work for any of these pieces, you should include it.

We ask you to submit a minimum of 10 sheets of work with a maximum of 20 sheets.

You should also send a short written statement (max 200 words), about your experience in art, craft and/or design, why you would like to follow an Art and Design course at Kings and the degree subjects you are considering.

Thank you for your enquiry.
We'll be in touch soon.
The Kings Admissions Team