2024-25 fees are applicable to courses and accommodation starting 1st April 2024.

Courses 2023-24 2024-25
UAL Levels 3&4 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Full course price 27,435 28,533
Art & Design Foundation Full course price 27,435 28,533
Fast-Track Art Pathway1 Price per year 27,435 28,533
Extended Art & Design Foundation Price per term in addition to full course price 9,145 9,511
UWE Bristol Joint Offer Programme Full course price 27,435 28,533
Art & Design Preparation Programme Price per term 9,145 9,511
(Two year course)
Price per year 31,518 32,781
Year 12 Transfer A-level2 Full course price 31,518 32,781

1 Only available in Oxford.
2 A-level exam fees are not included in tuition price.

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September 2024 start
3 terms
40 weeks inc. vacation3
January 2025 start
3 terms
30 weeks inc. vacation7
Homestay Single, half-board1, 14+ 9,850 7,514
Private bathroom2, 16+ 15,212 11,585
Kings Charminster Residence8 Single, en suite, half-board, 14-18 16,760
Twin, en suite, half-board, 14-18
10,480 8,196
Kings Town Centre
Post Office Road
Single, en suite, self-catering, 18+
12,480 9,668
Twin, en suite, self-catering, 18+
7,880 6,246
Kings Town Centre
St Peters
Single, en suite, self-catering, 18+ 12,480 9,668
Homestay Single, half-board, 15+
11,888 9,044
On-campus Residence
Oxford Place
Single, en suite, half-board, 15+ 21,480 16,446
On-campus Residence
Pavilion Point
Single, en suite, self-catering, 18+ 17,640 13,566
Single, en suite, half-board, 18+ 21,480 16,446
Single, studio apartment, self-catering, 18+ 20,560 15,756
Single, studio apartment, half-board, 18+ 24,440 18,659
Homestay Single, half-board, 15+ 12,650 9,670
Homestay Extra Single, en suite, half-board, 16+ 16,690 12,700
The Kings Apartments Residence (all self-catering for 18+) Single 17,880 13,746
Twin 11,240 8,766
Single, en suite 18,120 13,919
Twin, en suite 13,160 10,199
Single, one-bedroom apartment 22,680 17,339
Twin, one-bedroom apartment, 15,520 11,976
Student house Single, self-catering, 18+ 15,120 11,676
Homestay Single, half-board, 15+ 12,650 9,670
Wavy Gate Residence Single, en suite, self-catering, 16+4 17,640 13,566
Single, en suite, half-board5, 16+4 21,480 16,446
Student Houses6 Single, self-catering, 18+ 17,120 13,176

1 Half board is breakfast and dinner, 7-days per week.
2 A private bathroom is used solely by the occupant(s) of one room, but may not be located within the room itself.
3 Includes compulsory 3 weeks Christmas vacation and 2 weeks Easter vacation.
4 14+ in Summer
5 Breakfast and lunch, served at St.Josephs campus cafeteria Monday to Friday.
6 Close to city centre so good for art or English Preparation students based at St. Michaels campus or Art Faculty.
7 Includes compulsory 2 weeks Easter vacation
8 Maximum age 17

Accommodation pricing notes:

Accommodation prices are applicable from 08/09/2024 – 03/08/2025 for accommodation booked and paid for a minimum of one full term in advance.

Homestay notes

  • Homestay accommodation includes internet use (subject to our fair usage policy) within the published price.
  • Homestay also includes one clothes wash per week.
  • Under 16s have weekend lunches at homestay included.

Accommodation dates

  • Autumn term: 8 September 2024 – 15 December 2024
  • Spring ter : 5 January – 23 March 2025

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Applying for your place at Kings School of Art and Design

If you think that our school could be the place for you, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Applying is straightforward.

You can apply direct through our Application form or through your local educational partner agent.

If you need help with finding a recommended agent please contact us.

Once we receive your application we will respond within 48 hours.

Do you need a visa?

If you are not a British citizen, you will need to check whether you need a visa to study in the UK.

Read our visa guidance (link goes to our Kings Colleges website) but for definitive information about visa requirements to study in the UK refer to the UK government website.

How to pay

You can choose to pay in three different ways:

  • by credit/debit card or bank transfer through our partner Flywire (used to be Uni-Pay)
  • by bank transfer directly to a Kings account
  • by credit/debit card over the phone

When applying for a programme, you can choose whether to pay full fees or only the Acceptance Payment, unless you are booking less than a month before the course start. In this case you would need to pay full fees.

Paying through Flywire

Flywire is an international payment and collection provider for overseas student fees that has been designed specifically for universities and language schools.

When you submit a booking or application with Kings and you choose to use Flywire, your details will be received and reviewed by the registrars in each of our colleges.

If we have a place on the course you want, the registrar will accept your booking and you will receive an email to request payment of either a deposit or full fees through Flywire. This email will contain a link to go to the Flywire website where you will be able to either pay securely online via card or get details of the local Flywire bank account you will need to pay into.

The advantage of using Flywire rather than pay directly to a Kings bank account is that Flywire allows you to pay in your local currency with a £7 one-off charge and this, most of the time, means you are paying less than what you would pay for an international bank transfer.

Paying by bank transfer directly to a Kings account

Please send the payment to the bank of the College you have selected (see below for bank details). Bank/wire transfers take 2–4 weeks to arrive. Full payment must be received four weeks before the date of arrival. Please include all bank charges in your payment and quote the student’s full name on the transfer. Please email a copy of the bank/wire transfer to Kings on acceptance of the offer and keep a copy of the transfer to take to the College with you.

Bank details


90-92 High Street
West Sussex RH10 1BP

Account Name: Prime Brighton Ltd t/a Kings Brighton
Account No: 83999424
Sort Code: 20-65-82
Swift: BARCGB22

IBAN: GB27BARC20658283999424


90-92 High Street
West Sussex RH10 1BP

Account Name: United Language Schools Ltd t/a Kings London
Account No: 23753360
Sort Code: 20-65-82
Swift: BARCGB22

IBAN: GB24BARC20658223753360


90-92 High Street
West Sussex RH10 1BP

Account Name: Touchload Ltd t/a Kings Oxford
Account No: 53447545
Sort Code: 20-65-82
Swift: BARCGB22

IBAN: GB53BARC20658253447545

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Thank you for your enquiry.
We'll be in touch soon.
The Kings Admissions Team