Subject specialisms

Subject specialisms at Kings are as broad and varied as our students.

These are some of the most common areas. If your passion and intended degree subject is not here don’t worry.

We will work with you to develop your own path.

Fine Art

The making and study of visual art. Fine art includes painting, sculpture, drawing and printmaking. It represents all aspects of the human experience.

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The design, production and marketing of clothing from industrial to leisure goods across a range of sectors. Develop your design and fashion ideas and teaches you how to plan, illustrate, and construct your designs.

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Design of all types of buildings from domestic to public, internal and external spaces. Develops your understanding of how people need and want to use space.

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Interior Design

Design of the spaces people use in all aspects of their lives - private houses, social areas, places of work. For this specialism, an understanding of how people interact with physical spaces is vital.

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Involves transforming words and concepts to pictures - a specialism that can be applied to both traditional and digital media.

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Includes 2D and 3D, stop-frame and computer animation. Leads to careers in the film industry, 3D graphic design and advertising or the games industry.

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Product Design

Influence and improve the world around you, making products from scratch to the final prototype. Requires creativity, practical skills and commercial awareness.

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Includes the history of film, genres, experimental film, pre-production, post production, filming techniques and equipment.

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My Art teacher Kate assisted me to select my potential pathway through identifying my strengths and weaknesses from my visual work.
Pak Fai
University of Leeds

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