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Maximise your time

When you are living and learning with Kings, every day brings new experiences.

We have dedicated Activities Managers at each location.

They organise lots of exciting activities, visits and excursions, and publish the monthly schedule online and in school.

Join in!

Be part of your new community

We encourage you to play a full and active role within your new UK or US community.

You can get involved with social projects, volunteering programmes and charity events.

They can make a real difference to local people’s lives.

So play your part.

Be a global citizen but also a local citizen!

Clubs and Societies

There is a wide range of clubs and societies available for all students to join. This is a great opportunity to make friends who have shared interests and develop your language skills within specific contexts or fields.

  • Conversation Club
  • Model UN Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Cooking Club
  • English Through Arts and Crafts Club
Enrichment calendar

Lectures and Workshops

Across all schools we have a range of additional weekly afternoon lectures and workshops that are open to all students.

  • These lectures will be on a wide range of topics, from pronunciation and grammar, to exam preparation and local culture and customs.
  • All English language students also have the option to get involved in a range of career guidance opportunities.
  • This additional support is designed for students who are preparing for their next steps in life, whether that be university or the working world.

"I've been on the Intensive 25+ course for 3 months. What fascinated me the most in this class was studying with students of a wide range of ages. Each student has a background and career and many of them have a job so it's always interesting for me to talk with other students."
Masashi Harikae, Kings Los Angeles

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