Kings Oxford IELTS Test dates

Below you will find a table which shows you when the IELTS test dates are offered at Kings Oxford. It also shows you when you will receive your results.

  • Before you book your test, please read the section Cancelling or Transferring your IELTS test.
  • Results are issued 13 days after the test.
  • Results are normally posted on the dates shown but special examination procedures can sometimes delay this.
  • Test Takers may retake the test as often as they wish.
Date of test in Oxford Modules available Results available
Saturday 12 June Academic, General Training Friday 25 June
Saturday 10 July Academic, General Training Friday 23 July
Saturday 7 August Academic Friday 20 August
Saturday 11 September Academic Friday 24 September
Saturday 23 October Academic, General Training Friday 5 November
Saturday 20 November Academic, General Training Friday 3 December
Saturday 4 December Academic, General Training Friday 17 December

Results service

You will receive an email notifying you when you can log in to the Test Taker Portal to access your results online 13 days after the test.

Test Report Forms

Your official IELTS result takes the form of a Test Report Form (TRF).

TRFs are normally sent out by first-class post 13 days after the date of your test.

We are only permitted to issue TRFs by post or personally by hand to you. We are not permitted to send results by fax or email or to give results over the telephone.

We are permitted to issue only one TRF directly to you. We can send duplicate TRFs directly to universities or institutions for you.

Sending results to universities or employers

If you need to prove your test result (for example to a university or employer), you can ask us to send a duplicate of your TRF directly to them. We are not permitted to give the duplicate to you.

To request this, please email and state your name as it appears on your TRF, the date you took the test, and the addresses of the people you wish the copy to be sent to.

We are permitted to issue up to five duplicate TRFs free of charge. If you ask us to issue more than five TRFs, we will make an administrative charge of £10 for each additional hard copy TRF requested over and above the free allocation.

When you register online, please ensure that we have the correct address for where you will be 2 weeks after the test. Please also ensure that we have the full addresses of any universities or other organisations to which you want us to send duplicates of your results.

Collecting your TRF in person

If you wish to collect your TRF in person, please email after you have booked your test. In this case, your TRF will be held at the college, not posted. You must present the same identity document as you showed on the day of the test when collecting your TRF in person.

Enquiry on Results

IELTS is a challenging test. It tests a person's ability in English and it allows access to university and to professional organisations. Some test takers feel disappointed when they get their results and they want to know if they can get their test re-marked.

There is a procedure for re-marking IELTS tests and it is called an Enquiry on Results. This is when one or any of your papers are sent to The British Council to be re-marked by a Senior Examiner.

There is a fee of £120 for this service. The fee is re-funded if there is a change to your results. This process can take from 2 to 21 days. If your scores change as a result of the EOR, you will be required to return your original Test Report Form (TRF) to us before a new one can be issued.

The IELTS test is rigorously marked and all results are carefully checked before they are published. It is rare for a result to be changed following an Enquiry on Results.

If you want more information about the Enquiry on Results, please contact our office at

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