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A Kings course means world-class teaching by subject specialists.

Now, with SmartClass, you can access Kings teaching from anywhere in the world.

Each online SmartClass course follows a rigorous syllabus designed by our experts.

With new SmartClass courses, you can access Kings teaching online from anywhere in the world. Essential English, IELTS and TOEFL options available now.

SmartClass benefits

  1. Experience live online lessons from the best teachers
  2. Access full learning resources 24/7
  3. Join a virtual class to suit your time zone
  4. Interact with your teachers and fellow students in real time
  5. Gain valuable qualifications for your future study plan

Enrolling now

The following courses are now available to book with immediate start dates.

Essential English SmartClass
  • See improvement in all core English skills
  • Flexibility to progress at your own pace
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IELTS SmartClass
  • Specialist IELTS-focused lessons
  • Practical preparation for your IELTS exam
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TOEFL SmartClass
  • Specialist TOEFL-focused lessons
  • Practical preparation for your TOEFL test
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Intensive Academic SmartClass
  • Ideal introduction to UK academic studies while developing academic English skills
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"Working from home has helped me learn perseverance...
I have more time to work on TOEFL now.
I meet with my teacher almost every day to work on TOEFL exercises and she also gives me things to practice during my free time."

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