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English Language
Intensive 25+

Key information

Start dates:
Every Monday (2 Jan – 10 Dec 2018)
Course length:
Minimum 2 weeks (no maximum)
Maximum class size:
28 lessons (21 hours) per week

Entry requirements

Kings Level 3 (Pre-Intermediate)
Minimum age:

Sample timetable for the Intensive 25+

Intensive 25+ Course

The course

This course is designed specifically for students aged 25+ to develop their English whilst also getting "under the skin" of LA.

You can create your custom program through Special Interest Groups and have access to dedicated social activities and accommodation.

What is included in the price

  • 28 lessons per week
  • Welcome Information Pack
  • Placement test on arrival, weekly progress tests and regular homework
  • Teaching materials and use of coursebook relevant to age group and learning needs
  • Use of Computer Learning Centre
  • Access to ClassMate, the Kings online learning platform
  • Wireless internet in the Center
  • Two free social activities per week
  • End-of-course certificate
  • Access to Kings 25+ concierge service

Masashi Harikae on Intensive 25+

"I've been on the Intensive 25+ course for 3 months. What fascinated me the most in this class was studying with students of a wide range of ages. Each student has a background and career and many of them have a job so it's always interesting for me to talk with other students.

Our teacher Gina is such a wonderful teacher with patience and a good sense of humor. Thanks to her, the classroom was always full of laughter. She also gave us chance to talk a lot so that we could express ourselves about a variety of topics. Every morning, we start with small talk. Sometimes it's about gossip. Sometimes it's about politics or economics or education. I really liked that time.

I think I have improved my English more than I expected only for 3 months. I also met a lot of amazing people there. I will definitely miss the class."

Course structure and content

The Intensive 25+ program offers an integrated approach for developing the essential skills needed for using English in the professional and personal spheres. Key international communication skills, including reading newspapers, writing emails, study skills, and group-work techniques are covered. Students are exposed to authentic content from a variety of subject areas and are given the opportunity to further explore topics in their interest area with a guided individual project.

1. General English

This portion of the course is designed to increase fluency and accuracy in as short a time as possible.

Skills developed:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation

2. Professional communication

Students acquire the communication skills they need to participate in a globalized world. Students learn about English as an international language though information-rich topics and texts. Most importantly, they have the opportunity to share their own experiences and perspectives as well as learn from others.

Sample topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • Performance Evaluation
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • The Unchained Entrepreneur
  • How to Network Effectively
  • Perfecting your LinkedIn Profile
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Small Business Ownership

3. Special Interest Groups

Students studying in an Intensive course have their choice of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). In these additional 8 lessons per week students have the opportunity to develop specific skills and experience additional topic areas. Students select from a broad range of SIGs that best apply to their language level and their desired study, work, or personal goals. All SIGs are included in the price of the Intensive course.

Popular SIGs:

  • Conversation Skills
  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Business English
  • American Culture

Please note: SIGs are not necessarily limited to students aged 25 years or older and are subject to availability.

4. Individual project

The project is determined by the student, and is structured around their experience and interests. This portion of the course is delivered as an additional 8 lessons per week SIG. It typically consists of guided study and independent research. The number of weeks it takes to complete depends on the individual. An academic team member assists the student to create a specific individual project plan.

5. Learning Excursions

Real-life experiences include visits to businesses and cultural destinations. The excursions add learning experiences like attending professional meetings and academic lectures, communicating with local professionals, visiting historic landmarks or touring a local vineyard. This part of the program brings the instruction outside of the classroom and into the vibrant city, Los Angeles. The learning excursions may or may not take place during regular class hours.

Sample trips* include but are not limited to:

  • Central Library Architecture
  • Ethnic Neighborhood Tours
  • Grand Central Market
  • Griffith Park Observatory
  • Local Art Museums
  • Wine Tasting Events
  • California Cuisine Dining
  • Historic Cinema Houses
  • California Beach Tours
  • Hollywood Star Homes

*Some trips require an additional fee.