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English Language
Vacation Plus Film

Key information

Start dates:
1 July, 29 July, 26 August 2019
Course length:
4 weeks
Maximum class size:
20 lessons (15 hours) per week

Entry requirements

Kings Level 4 (Lower Intermediate)
Minimum age:

Sample timetable for Vacation Plus Film

Typical timetable for the Vacation Plus Film course

The course

The 4-week Vacation Plus Film course is ideal for students who want to combine their English language studies with an introduction to filmmaking and film theory for a short time period during the summer.

What is included in the price

  • 20 lessons per week
  • Welcome Information Pack
  • Placement test on arrival, weekly progress tests and regular homework
  • Course materials
  • Use of Computer Learning Centre and film production equipment
  • Access to ClassMate, the Kings online learning platform
  • WiFi internet in College
  • Two free social activities per week
  • End-of-course certificate (90% or higher attendance required)

Filmmaking equipment

English Plus Film students have access to the following at Kings Los Angeles:

  • Classroom equipped with an interactive projector or smart television for interactive learning experience
  • Computer Lab supplied with 15 iMac desktop computers
  • iMacs with user-friendly script-writing program software installed 
  • Production equipment including prosumer DSLR camera, sliders and dollies, lighting tools, microphones, tripods 
  • Professional, up-to-date film editing software

From Kings Life

Yen-Fu in action filming, concentrating on the camera's display screen.

Yen-Fu from Taiwan took Vacation Plus Film course this summer. He tells us what he learned, and the best things to do when living and studying in Hollywood.

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Course structure and content

Students receive 20 lessons (15 hours) of English and filmmaking lessons per week. Topics vary each week, but students receive a brief overview of filmmaking, including pre-production, production, and post-production of a film scene, as well as an introduction to film theory and practice. Group work is an essential element of this course so attendance is critical to students' success in the course.

Course content includes:

1. Contemporary Filmmaking: the history of Hollywood — the business of making films, from blockbusters to independent film
2. Storytelling in Scenes — story structure, concept development, visual storytelling methods
3. Acting Basics — techniques for role preparation, expression through body and language 
4. Production — filming techniques, cinematic framing, lighting and sound
5. Post Production — video editing techniques and practice, types of software


By the end of the course, students will have developed the following skills:

  • Story structure and concept development
  • Visual storytelling methods
  • Techniques for role preparation
  • Working within a frame
  • Filming techniques
  • Cinematic framing, lighting and sound
  • Film and video editing techniques and practice, type of software


Assessment is based on weekly assignments, group participation and tests.

Transfer agreements

Kings Los Angeles offers transfer agreements with the New York Film Academy and the Musicians Institute, Los Angeles.

New York Film Academy
Musicians Institute, Los Angeles