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Can I take a holiday during my course?

In the UK:

Yes, if you are studying for 24+ weeks you are entitled to a 2 week holiday and 3 weeks if you are studying 36+ weeks. All holiday is taken at the discretion of our Director of Studies and you will need to make a request with 4 weeks’ notice.

In the US:

For students on an F-1 student visa, a 2-week vacation is allowed after 16 weeks of consecutive study, provided you have at least 4 weeks remaining upon your return.  Students on tourist visas are allowed to have breaks during their stay but make sure you talk a student advisor at the school first.

For shorter programmes in both countries, we don’t recommend that you plan to take time out during your course – partly because we require you to have at least 90% attendance to get your end-of-course certificate. If you would like to explore other parts of the UK or the US, we suggest that you take time at the end of your course to do so if your visa is still valid.