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Section 1: Overview

Is this course for me?

  • This course is perfect for students who want to combine English language with an introduction to filmmaking and film theory.
  • Study for a 4-week period during the summer, with plenty of free time to explore your surroundings and practice your English outside of class.
  • No prior film experience is necessary.

Key Facts

Available in

  • Los Angeles

Start dates:

  • 24 June, 22 July and 19 August 2024

Entry level:

  • Lower Intermediate (Kings Level 4)


  • 16+


  • 4 weeks

Class size:

  • Maximum 15

Lessons per week:

  • 20 lessons (15 hours) English and Filmmaking 

Included in the price:

  • 20 lessons per week (15 hours)
  • Welcome Information Pack
  • Access to multi-format course materials
  • Placement test on arrival, weekly assignments, group participation and progress tests
  • Use of Computer Learning Center and film production equipment 
  • Free Wi-fi at school
  • Full access to Kings social programme, with at least two free activities per week
  • Full access to join Kings’ school clubs and societies
  • Optional weekly lecture programme
  • End-of-course certificate (90% or higher attendance required)

Section 2: Course structure and content

  • 20 lessons (15 hours) per week of English and Filmmaking

English and filmmaking lessons

Topics vary each week, but students receive in-depth instruction of pre-production, production, and post-production through lectures, interactive communicative activities, and hands-on participation.

Group work is an essential element of this course, so attendance is critical to students’ success.

Lessons will cover the following:

  • Screenwriting
    Story structure, concept development, visual storytelling methods, script formatting.
  • Acting basics
  • Techniques for role preparation, working within a frame, playing according to shot size, expression through body and language.
  • Production
  • Filming techniques, cinematic framing, lighting and sound.
  • Post-production
    Video editing techniques and practice, color correction, sound editing.
  • Contemporary filmmaking
    The history of Hollywood — the business of making films, from blockbusters to independent film.


  • Assessment is based on weekly assignments, group participation, tests.

Filmmaking equipment

Vacation Plus Film students have access to the following at Kings Los Angeles:

  • Classrooms equipped with an interactive projector or smart television for interactive learning experience
  • iMac desktops with user-friendly scriptwriting program software installed
  • Production equipment including prosumer DSLR camera, sliders and dollies, lighting tools, microphones, tripods
  • Professional, up-to-date film editing software

Transfer agreements

  • Kings LA offers transfer agreements with the New York Film Academy and the Musicians’ Institute.

Online content

Sample timetable

Please note:

  • Sample timetable is subject to changes
  • Placement test, induction, locality walk and ice breaker activities, which take place on the students' first day at Kings, are an essential part of the teaching programme, included in the weekly hours of lessons.
Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri

09:00 – 10:30
(Lessons 1 & 2)

English and Filmmaking

Film terminology and skills quiz
Group review and feedback

Screenwriting vocabulary to describe story and structure

Small group analysis of sample scripts

Framing lessons and practice with cameras

Editing practice
Fundamentals of editing a narrative

10:30 – 11:00 Break Break Break Break Break

11:00 – 12:30
(Lessons 3 & 4)

English and Filmmaking

Introductory scenes: how to visually introduce locations, characters and plot. Group discussion.

Practice writing a short story using the structure introduced in class.

Sample acting scenes: practicing dialogue, body language and movement.

Filming practice
Filming short stories: 'Where are my shoes?'

Presentation of edited stories. Group discussion of work.

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