Outside the classroom

Fluency is mastered through constant exposure to and interaction with a language and its users on a daily basis. At Kings, over your long term course, we will guide you through this process towards greater fluency and command of the language.

Free lectures and learning workshops

Weekly afternoon lectures and workshops are open to all students. Examples include:

  • Giving a presentation
  • Thinking in English
  • Grammar clinic 
  • Writing a personal statement
  • Interview skills
  • Classmate workshops
  • Global Citizenship workshop
  • Mock IELTS speaking interviews

Club and societies

A great way to make new friends and develop your language skills. Examples include:

  • Conversation Club: informal group conversation club
  • Model UN Club: learn about international politics and contemporary world problems whilst developing negotiation and collaboration skills
  • Spanish Club: beginner level Spanish language club for students who want to improve fluency and learn about Spanish
  • Latin American culture
  • Cooking Club: improve your culinary skills with fellow classmates and Kings staff, picking up specific food and drink related vocabulary as you go 
  • English Through Arts and Crafts Club: practise key skills such as life drawing, and 
learn new techniques while also enjoying time being creative
  • Chess Club: exercise your brain and develop your logic and memory skills 
through playing chess and discussing strategy
  • Current Affairs Club: a discussion group for students interested in current news stories and events from around the world.
  • Debating Society: participate in debates and develop your group conversation and presentation skills, as well as the ability to build a strong argument in English
  • Photography Club: provides a fun introduction to professional level photography and editing software for students of all levels

Join the Student Council in the UK

The Student Council is your opportunity to represent the student views and voice in the school:

  • Share your views with school staff on a variety of topics
  • Organise school events, such as fundraising activities and end-of-year parties
  • Develop sought-after skills for university and beyond, including people management, negotiation skills and decision-making

Embrace college life in the US

  • In the US you can develop your communication skills by mixing with American students.
  • You can also audit or observe degree classes and lectures as well as joining in college campus events and activities.

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