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Section 1: Overview

Is this course for me?

  • This course is for students who need to improve the key language skills needed to score as high as possible in all parts of the Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE) exam.

Key Facts

Available in

  • Bournemouth 
  • Brighton
  • London
  • Oxford
  • Los Angeles

Start dates:

  • Refer to table below

Entry level:

  • Intermediate (Kings Level 5)


  • 16+


  • 4, 8, 10, 11 or 12 weeks (depending on start dates and location)

Class size:

  • Maximum 14

Lessons per week:

  • 28 lessons (21 hours) total

Included in the price:

  • 28 lessons per week (21 hours)
  • Welcome Information Pack
  • Course materials
  • Placement test on arrival, weekly assignments, group participation and progress tests
  • Use of Computer Learning Centre
  • Access to Classmate, the Kings online learning platform
  • Free Wi-fi at school
  • Full access to Kings social programme, with at least two free activities per week
  • Full access to join Kings’ school clubs and societies
  • Optional weekly lecture programme
  • End-of-course certificate (90% or higher attendance required)
"We cover speaking, listening, grammar and use of English, so it's preparation in all areas. I like the structure of this course. It's very useful if you want to do FCE. It's good that the classes are not that big, the teachers can really focus on you."

Section 2: Course structure and content

Bournemouth and London

  • 28 lessons (21 hours) per week of Cambridge FCE exam preparation

Brighton, Oxford and Los Angeles

  • 20 lessons (15 hours) per week of General English
  • 8 lessons (6 hours) per week Cambridge FCE exam preparation

Key features:

  • The Cambridge English: First preparation course is taught by specialist and experienced teachers.
  • The course syllabus has been specially designed to maximise students’ exam success and covers all papers of the exam.
  • Students will be given regular homework and will be expected to complete at least five hours of assignments each week.

Key areas covered include:

Communication skills

  • Conversational language skills
  • Listening and accents
  • Reading and interpretation
  • Writing and presenting

Linguistic resources

  • Building your vocabulary bank
  • Fine tuning your pronunciation
  • Interpretation of texts
  • Grammar and syntax

Study skills

  • Note taking and revision
  • Research skills
  • Time management and planning
  • Dictionary work
  • Learner autonomy

Cultural and personal development

  • Understanding cultural difference and similarity
  • Team work and leadership
  • Presenting an argument
  • Discussion skills

Exam technique and strategies

  • Working under exam conditions
  • Understanding the requirements of each section of the exam
  • Understanding what the examiner is looking for
  • Planning and reviewing your answers
  • Preparing mentally for exam day

Assessing progress

  • Students will be given homework tasks to complete every day, including writing practice.
  • In addition to homework tasks, students’ progress will also be monitored in class and they will complete a short test at the start of each week.
  • Students are given a number of opportunities to complete mock examinations under simulated exam conditions. The results of these mock exams will be used to help them improve in specific areas.

Section 3: About the Cambridge: B2 First (FCE) exam

  • The Cambridge English: First exam is an upper-intermediate level qualification, set at level B2 of the CEFR.
  • It offers proof that candidates have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or to study on courses taught in English.
  • Candidates are tested in all four key skills and in ‘use of English’, and receive a separate score for each, as well as an overall score. A final grade and CEFR level are then assigned.

Course start dates

Start dates and lengths

6 January (10 weeks)
28 FCE lessons Bournemouth, London
20 GE + 8 FCE Brighton, Oxford (9 weeks)
16 March (12 weeks)
28 FCE lessons Bournemouth, London
20 GE + 8 FCE Brighton, Los Angeles, Oxford
6 July (4 weeks)
28 FCE lessons Bournemouth, London
6 July (8 weeks)
28 FCE lessons Bournemouth, London
3 August (4 weeks)
28 FCE lessons Bournemouth, London
7 September (12 weeks)
20 GE + 8 FCE Brighton
8 September (12 weeks)
20 GE + 8 FCE Los Angeles
21 September (12 weeks)
28 FCE lessons Bournemouth, London
20 GE + 8 FCE Oxford

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