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Kings Hub

The Kings Hub will continue to work as your one-stop destination for all useful assets and media from Kings for:

..until we are ready to launch Kings Hub 2.0!

Go to the Kings Hub

Young Learners Hub

Kings Summer is now Kings Young Learners.

You will find all downloadable pdfs for 2020 destinations, courses and timetables on our new website.

Young Learners Hub

Coming for 2020:Kings Hub 2.0

NEW: Smart Brochures

  • Create a unique Smart Brochure for every student – a digital experience developed to their exact needs.
  • Personalise it with your own logo and profile picture
  • Share it via email or your choice of social media
  • Add your own images, documents and contact details
  • Include everything your students need, and nothing they don’t.
  • Choose from videos, virtual reality tours, photos, factfiles and more...
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