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Acceptance by the best universities requires more than just good grades, this being even more important as a result of A-level reforms and the de-coupling of AS and full A-level qualifications. For the most competitive degrees you will also need to show demonstrate your understanding of the demands, skills and attributes required for the successful completion of your chosen degree programme which must be evidenced through a broad and relevant range of interests and experience. Successful students are those who make the most of their opportunities, inside and outside the classroom, and at Kings we ensure that there is plenty on offer.

“Senior leaders ensure that the curriculum provides students with a broad range of experiences that go well beyond the core courses they have enrolled on.“

“Students take part in a range of extra-curricular activities, including sports and cultural events.”

“The school’s strong community links enable students to find suitable work experience placements in the local area, for example at a local hospital.”

“Students’ confidence and emotional health and well-being are promoted well by these activities.”

Extracts from most recent Ofsted Inspection Report for Kings Bournemouth (October 2018)

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Extracurricular activities

Daniel at AFC Bournemouth AcademyExtracurricular activities are offered to students at Kings through a dedicated enrichment programme. We encourage students towards sports and the arts. Sample extracurricular activities will include: football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, dance, music lessons, UWS charity society, skydiving challenge, theatre and improvisation workshops, international days and events, photography competition, Business Enterprise.

We are keen to look at each student's talents and make sure that while they are at Kings Bournemouth, they can develop and apply their talents in the community. For example, we encouraged a student to audition for AFC Bournemouth and he now trains in their Academy. We encouraged another student to take part in a regional dance contest and she won and then was offered a place in the Coast Youth Dance Company.

Aside from looking at each student's individual talents, we will offer a wide range of enrichment activities.

Enrichment activities

Below, you will find a list of enhancement activities we run at Kings Brighton and how they help you develop one or more of these top 10 skills. Activities vary by term and our students' interests.

You can also find a calendar of Enrichment Activities on the Kings Hub.

Duke of Edinburgh AwardDuke of Edinburgh's Award

This is an extracurricular initiative undertaken by thousands of British students every year. It provides a unique opportunity to take part in new activities, expeditions and volunteering.
Complex problem solving  Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence
Judgement and decision-making Service orientation

Student Council

There is a Student Council in place at each of our schools, which gives students the opportunity to relay student views to staff on a variety of topics. It also gives members the chance to organise in-college events, such as fundraising activities and end-of-year proms.
People management Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence Judgement and decision-making Service orientation Negotiation skills

Kings Business Enterprise

This is a great opportunity for you to learn from visiting business experts about running your own business. You can form your own company selling real products and services, issue shares and appoint key people.
People management Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence Judgement and decision-making Service orientation Negotiation skills

Model UN

Helps students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. It develops speaking, writing and debating skills.
Critical thinking Emotional intelligence Negotiation skills Cognitive flexibility

Sports and fitness clubs

You'll have the opportunity to take part in a range of sports. Whether you want to play just for fun, or would like to join a College team, there's something for everyone, including yoga, running football, basketball, volleyball, walking and chess. Students can also do fitness with personal trainers.
Complex problem solving Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence

Creative clubs

Creative clubs are open to all students at Kings, irrespective of the focus of their academic studies. Often they enable participants to learn an entirely new hobby or skill. Clubs include Art, Film, Origami, Music, and Chinese Culture.
Creativity Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence

Academic clubs

Academic clubs, such as Current Affairs, are a great way for students to supplement their in-class learning in more relaxed environments. We offer the Kings' Workshop, including Book Club, CV Surgeries and Mindfulness.
Critical thinking Complex problem solving Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence Judgement and decision-making Cognitive flexibility

Work experience and volunteering

Valuable work experience, shadowing and projects enable deeper understanding of professional practice and enhances university applications. Experience in other specialist areas, such as medicine, is also facilitated.
Complex problem solving Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence Judgement and decision-making Service orientation

National Citizen Service

NCS is a nationwide, four-phase programme specifically designed to provide you with many different experiences, build new skills and improve your confidence.
Complex problem solving People management Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence Judgement and decision-making Service orientation

Educational visits

As part of your course, we organise regular educational visits to help your learning come alive. Typical examples include local businesses, law courts, exhibitions, galleries, historical sites, field trips and university departments.
Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence

Lecture programme

There is a regular programme of lectures after lessons which cover a variety of topics of general academic, linguistic or cultural interest.
Critical thinking Cognitive flexibility

The Kings Community Award

Developing your full potential is so important at Kings that participation in at least one activity outside class each term is expected of each student. We have developed a way to recognise and celebrate broad interests through the Kings Community Award. This is a formal end-of-course certificate awarded to each student who demonstrates participation in an activity outside of class which develops them — intellectually, physically or socially.
Complex problem solving Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence Judgement and decision-making Service orientation 

Trinity Arts Award

The Trinity Arts Award is a nationally recognised certificate offering the opportunity to explore areas of the Arts, and to develop skills useful in your studies and university application.
Critical thinking Creativity Coordinating with others Emotional intelligence

EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)

The EPQ is equivalent to half an A-level. All A-level students may take an extended project as a freestanding qualification, and although the choice of topic is free, they must show that it is academically useful, either related to their current course of study, or their future career.
Critical thinking Creativity Cognitive flexibility

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