The Diploma Program

Gilbert’s traditional co-educational secondary program focuses on developing the whole student, including their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth. It utilizes the most cutting-edge methods in education, including technology. Teachers provide age- and level-appropriate lessons, differentiate instruction and assessment, comply with student modifications and help students reach attainable goals, both personal and intellectual.

Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) level classes allow students to stretch themselves academically, while resource classes, peer tutoring and other remediation opportunities help students who require additional assistance.

Personalized academic mentoring and counselingHigh School Diploma

Upon enrollment in The Gilbert School, each student is assigned a counselor.

Counsellors meet with students in small groups or on an individual basis to help with course selection. Each student is strongly urged to confer with his/her counselor regularly to discuss academic and personal progress.

In addition to personal counseling, the counseling personnel are available to assist with the analysis of standardized tests, determine academic strengths and weaknesses, help select courses compatible with vocational goals and abilities, and assist with post-secondary plans.

The School also makes the services of a school psychologist and social worker available on a referral basis.

Course content

The High School Diploma is taken over the course of four years, from 9th grade (Freshman) to 12th grade (Senior).

Depending on the student's academic record and abilities and English language proficiency, the counsellors at Gilbert will recommend students take honours and Advanced Placement classes, specialized or regular classes.

Each student will be scheduled to take six full-time classes.

Typically students will take:

  • 4 years of English
  • 3-4 years of Math
  • 2-4 years of Science
  • 2-4 years of Social Studies/History
  • 2-4 years of a Foreign Language
  • Academic electives

A wide range of Electives allows students to tailor the study plan to what they want, whether it is explore new areas of knowledge or specialize:

  • Art
  • Career and Technology
  • Music
  • Physical Education and Health

English language development 

For students who need additional English skills the School offers a wide range of dedicated English language courses as part of the Diploma.

ELL stands for English Language Learners so indicates a course for non-native speakers of English.

  • College Prep ELL 1, 2 and 3: each of these is taken for a year and each earns the student 1 credit
  • ELL Speaking and Listening 1, 2 and 3: each of these is taken for a year and each earns the student 1 credit
  • ELL Grammar 1,2 and 3: each of these is taken for a semester and each earns the student 0.5 credit
  • ELL TOEFL/SAT Prep: the course is taken for a full year and earns the student 1 credit
  • ELL United States History: full year, 1 credit
  • ELL Sheltered Biology: full year, 1 credit
  • ELL Support, Grades 9-12: this class is aimed at students who need assistance/extended time. A teacher is present to assist them while they work on classroom assignements from mainstream classes.

Other courses

There are range of other specialized programs available on The Gilbert School campus to international students. These are based on the main Diploma program but offer exciting additional opportunities.

Northwestern Connecticut Community College (NCCC) Courses

The Gilbert School participates in NCCC’s High School Partnership Program to provide enrichment for its students. Under the agreement, eligible secondary-school students will be permitted to enroll in NCCC courses on a tuition free basis. Prior permission from The Gilbert School is required. Juniors and seniors with a minimum scholastic average of B will be eligible for admission.

Accelerated Degree Program

The Accelerated Degree Program is designed for international 11th or 12th grade students who want to fast track their US degree. It provides an accelerated pathway to degree graduation because it allows students to earn college credits while still at The Gilbert School — enabling them to complete an undergraduate degree course in just two years.

1. High School Diploma

Upon successful completion of the Accelerated Degree Program, students will earn a formal Diploma from The Gilbert School in the usual way

2. Gain up to 24 College Credits

A unique feature of the Accelerated Degree Program is that students can also earn up to 24 college credits.

3. Fast Track to a full Undergraduate Degree

Upon completing the Program, students will be able to transfer directly to their choice of degree program at Concordia College. Due to the college credits they will have earned, they will be able to gain a university degree in as little as three years.

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