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Kings Oxford was opened in 1986.

We belong to a group of independent colleges in the UK, Kings Colleges, founded in 1957 by Frederick King.

Following the destruction of World War II, King wanted to bring people together through the teaching and learning of the English language.

In the past 67 years, King’s initial vision of bringing people together through education has flourished and expanded and Kings today delivers a wide range of programmes to international and local students: Kings Oxford delivers GCSE and A-level programmes with a wide range of subjects as well as Foundation programmes, English language year-round and, in Summer, to younger learners.

We mix British and international students in our GCSE and A-level courses and this contributes to the lively multicultural learning environment we offer.

Kings Oxford and beyond

Kings Oxford, together with Kings Bournemouth, Kings London and more recently Kings Brighton make up Kings Colleges. The four schools have their own personality, formed through the interaction between staff and students in the different locations.

What the four schools have in common is the attention they give to each student, to make sure they are supported in their learning to achieve their best.

What's your story?

We pride ourselves on giving every student the best opportunity to succeed in the path they have chosen.

So get in touch with us or pop in today to discuss the courses we offer for GCSEs, A-levels or Art Foundation.

We want to hear your story and work out how we can help you achieve your best.

"Because of the class sizes, there’s more one-to-one attention to certain things so you can really progress."

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