Zişan's Story

Meet Zişan from Turkey! She shares her story from studying in Turkey to studying in the UK.

"I am studying at Koç University, the best university in Turkey, and I have a grantor. He told me last summer that he could support me in going to England if I wanted to. I will never forget that when I first heard about it, I cried with joy because it was an unattainable and unique experience for me. I couldn't come to England that summer because of the pandemic and it made me very sad, but then I researched which school I should go to during the year and saw that the best was Kings.

I looked at Kings' photos before I came here and counted the days to get here. Before I came, I had concerns about myself and my communication with people, but from the first moment I came here and got to know people, my worries disappeared. Everyone is trying to help you in every matter and every moment, they are very friendly and kind. Although I am writing this story on my second day, I have experienced so much in these two days that I cannot even describe it. If only two days have been this good, I can't even imagine how good two months will be. Everything here makes me very happy, Kings will leave me with unforgettable moments. Thank you for everything, I love you!"

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