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Working towards studies in Engineering

01 May, 2019
Working towards studies in Engineering

Genovesi De Jesus Jose Maria (Geno), from Angola, is studying Advanced Level Foundation at Kings Oxford. He tells us about his plans for the future, his family ties in the UK, and some of the best things about Kings.

Hi Geno. Which Foundation modules are you doing?

I'm doing Physics, Maths, CSS, Data and Business.

Is there one that you are enjoying most?

When I studied Physics in my country I really liked it a lot, but now I'm seeing it's really difficult! I just need to concentrate to get good marks.

Do you have an idea of what you want to study at university?

I'm not sure yet but probably I will apply to do Mechanical Engineering. If not, then Electronics maybe.

Have you got any universities in mind?

I want to go to Birmingham because my brother is studying there. If I don't go to Birmingham, probably I'll apply to Hull or Derby.

Are you having support here to make your choices?

Yes, I meet my tutor once a week, sometimes more if I see them around the school! Melrose also helps me to choose the universities. The CSS teacher also helps me with my personal statement.

Why did you decide to come to the UK to prepare for and go to university?

Well if I compare the study level in my country to the UK, I see that the UK is better, which is why I prefer the UK. Also I asked to come here because my sister also studied here, she did undergraduate Mechanical Engineering at Aberdeen.

Had you visited your brother and sister here in the UK before you started at Kings?

Yes. Before I came here to study I came every year to see them.

How are you finding it at Kings?

I like it! I also did my English at Kings.

If you were recommending Kings to others, what would you say are the best things?

I already talked to my friends about it! The teachers, the course administration are very concentrated on the students. They are strict about attendance too, which I think is good. They try to make the students the best they can be.

What kind of enrichment activities do you do here?

I'm in Engineering Club, I like it a lot. We are only 3 students so we have a lot of attention. I also play football every week — every Monday we have football here.