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Working for one of the Big Four

10 Jun, 2020
Working for one of the Big Four

We caught up with Natasha. She studied on our Foundation at Kings London and went on to study Economics and Finance at York University. She is now working at Price Waterhouse Coopers!

What made you apply for your current job at PwC and what does your role there entail?

I always wanted to gain experience in a big international firm, working in one of the “Big Four” firms was my dream, so I was very happy when I got an offer with PwC as my first job opportunity after graduating. I started as a junior associate in the assurance department… and last year I was promoted to Associate 2. I mainly perform auditing on holding companies and other international companies that are registered in Malta.

What qualification will you get when you finish your exams, and what do you see as the next phase of your career?

I will get an ACA qualification, once I pass my final exam, which I will sit in August 2020. I would like to get more experience in auditing, because I feel I can still learn a lot in this field for the next few years. My next achievement would be to get promoted to a senior associate, which is only possible with the relevant qualifications and experience.

How did it feel when you graduated from York? Was it worth all the hard work?

I was quite sad graduating and leaving York and my friends, however all my hard work paid off when I got an offer at PwC and started my career as an auditor. I am still in touch with my uni friends and I meet them every time I travel to the UK. I am grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained studying at the University of York: it helped me to be more productive, to work in a team and to be good at multitasking.

What would you say was the highlight of your Business studies at university? And what would you say was the highlight of your university life in general?

One of the highlights was the project that we were doing for Econometrics, it was done individually by each student, but I remember how interesting and exciting it was to do a research for the subject and discuss it with my classmates and the lecturer. Another highlight of my uni life was the library life. We would literally spend 24/7 there before the exams. I really like the studying atmosphere at the library, it helps you a lot to focus and get the things done. t is also nice to take breaks with your friends to get a break from studying. It was a long and difficult period, very stressful, but it all paid off now as well and it only brings me back good memories about those few months before the last exams of my final year.

Are you pleased that you chose the subject that you did?

Yes, I found it very interesting studying Economics and Finance, however what I am doing at the moment - in work - is quite different to what I studied at university. I am still very interested in Economics and Finance and would like to get a Masters’ degree in finance.

What would you say to your teachers at Kings if you met them again now? How much do you feel your time at Kings Oxford prepared you for university life?

I would like to say big thank you to all of them! Thanks for their patience and help! I would say it was one of the most difficult years I had in the UK, as I came to a foreign country by myself and had to do my best to study well and get to university. The teachers made it easier for me, they were very helpful in choosing the university and getting enrolled there. I liked that the number of students in the class were quite small, so the teacher could focus more on each student individually, it helps to understand the subject better. This is something that you do not get as much at university. Additionally, doing a year of foundation helped me to improve my English and settle better in the UK afterwards.

What advice would you give to other people from your country who are considering studying at Kings?

It is a good starting point for people who would like to study at university in the UK, as it helps your academic skills, helps to improve English and other subjects that would help you in applying for a specific degree.

What advice would you give to international students hoping to study Business at a UK university?

It is challenging but interesting at the same time. The UK campus culture is quite different to other countries as well, so it is nice to experience it at university