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Working as a translator after my Master's degree in the UK

26 Jun, 2017
Working as a translator after my Master's degree in the UK

Olga Sorokina studied at Kings London in 2013, in preparation for taking a Master's degree in the UK. We recently caught up with her to find out where she is now, and how Kings helped her get there.

Which course did you take at Kings?
I took two combined courses, General Intensive (December 2012 – June 2013) and Pre-Masters (January – March 2013).
What did you do after your time at Kings London?
Just before finishing my courses at Kings, and after passing successfully IELTS with 7.5 score, I started planning my further steps regarding my studies at UK university.

Thanks to Kings and Emma personally I was able to get familiar with UCAS. We chose all the universities which were of my interest in terms of a field of study (translation studies), sorted all the paperwork and documents and applied!

In August 2013, I got two unconditional offers from City University (London) and the University of Surrey (Guildford). I chose Surrey and in September 2013 I started studying there, which was the best thing, and the best experience that happened to me as the result of all this hard work was my Master’s Degree (Translation Studies with Intercultural Communication) which I was awarded.

What are you doing now and what do you most enjoy about it?
At the moment I work as a translator for a major company dealing with the supplies of different equipment worldwide and what I enjoy most is the fact I can demonstrate my professional skills to the fullest, and also my status, as I am the only employee UK Degree awarded. I get exceptional feedback from the Executives of the company on my work, and due to my advanced level of English usually I am the one to accompany my boss on business trips, etc.

In what ways did Kings help you to achieve your goals?
Oh, there are so many ways Kings helped me, actually. It’s not only in terms of studying process, academic programmes which are brilliant, personality-orientated, taught by true professionals with so much competence but also who were so friendly, open-minded, ready to help and answer any question! It all gave me so much confidence in what I was doing and I got more determined to get an MA than ever.

What did you enjoy most about your time at Kings?
It’s the atmosphere, home-like, warm and friendly. It took literally so much pleasure just to go to the college for my lessons, interact with my groupmates and teachers. There were different events which helped students to socialize. I remember I took part in a fashion show as a model which was cool!

What did you like most about London as a study destination? How does it compare to Moscow?
There is no comparison I should say, Moscow is a huge capital city with lots of great opportunities for work and studying, beautiful places to visit, etc. but London stole my heart and, I believe, it explains everything!

How do you manage to maintain your English language proficiency now that you are living away from the UK?
Well, as I mentioned before I work with English as I am a professional translator. On top of that, I have another job as a private English tutor. Thirdly, I communicate with my British friends on a daily basis as well :) Plus, of course, books, music and films which I prefer to read, listen to and to watch only in original.

What advice would you give to other students considering completing a Master's degree in the UK?
If you seriously want to get Master’s degree and if you are passionate about your target, just do it! Never look back or hesitate! Nobody says it’s easy but it’s highly rewarding in the end as it opens doors to success, so much self-confidence, happiness, and other achievements.

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